The Listening Shift

Janie Hool

Publication date: June 29, 2021


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In organizations, it’s a miracle our conversations get us anywhere at all – we are constantly distracted by goals, consumed by the draw of emails, multi-tasking in everything that we do. We rush from meeting to meeting, from call to call. We don’t take breaks and we work on the move. Even our downtime is stimulated – videos, social media, noise.

We spend about 80% of our day involved in communicating and at least half of that should be listening and yet only 2% of people have ever had any formal training in how to listen.

This book supports leaders by showing them how to cut through the noise and listen expertly. It is a constructive toolkit for raising the game in communication with strategies, tools and techniques to implement with confidence. Discover:

· How to find out how people are feeling.

· How to set up different modalities of listening in your business.

· How to determine what kind of listener you want to be.

· How to implement practical tools – using short, medium and longer-term strategies.

· How to help others listen to you more fully.

In a world of remote working, where we need to acknowledge different and minority voices, and where leaders are juggling uncertainty with so many challenges to solve, expertise in listening and communicating in a way that supports listening are more important than ever. The Listening Shift provides the tools you need to create a listening environment where colleagues feel heard and acknowledged, and yet they understand clearly how to move forward.

Not known for my listening skills, as a small business owner I have found the insight and clear direction provided in this book to have transformed the effectiveness of communications at all levels within my company. A priceless gem of a read!


This is a fabulous book full of richness and invaluable insight and experience, from a leading practitioner in her field. It is practical as well as provoking food for thought and reflection. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about building effective strategies and teams.


A ‘must-read’ listening toolkit
The art and skill of listening often flies under the radar with communication, but this accessible, readable book shines a light on the practice offering relevant, practical ‘how-tos’ and ‘try this out’. Its an inspiring and surprisingly moving read, and I found myself highlighting quotes, questions and check-ins all the way through. Oh yes, I can practice that! recommend that! try that out…
I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their communication skills – structuring a presentation and communication from the listener’s perspective is worth the cover price in itself. I’ve already got a wealth different exercises I can use with clients – and on myself! – and I can see its going to be a book I return to often and regularly gift to others.


A great book that delves deep not only on how to be a better listener, but also, importantly, how to help your audience listen better to your message, and stories.
There are real life examples throughout the book of people who listen for a living. And lots of great examples from the authors extensive experience.
I recommend this book if you are looking to make a greater impact in people’s lives.


This book was recommended to me by a friend, even though I don’t work in business or as part of a team, because they thought I’d be interested in the elements that are relevant to a more general reader. And they were so right.
It’s a really generous and warm-hearted book: clear, well-written, easy to read and full of insights and practical suggestions. And written by someone who clearly knows her stuff and knows how to communicate it to the reader. I would say it’s an invaluable read for anyone who is interested in improving their listening – and therefore communication – skills in their interactions with friends, family, colleagues and the world in general. A wonderful book.


Intelligent and insightful this book is an absolute game changer. It seems obvious but if you want to be a good communicator you HAVE to be a good listener – and this book shows you how. Engaging and at times moving, it shows compellingly just how important real listening is in any situation. The skills to be a good listener may take practice but they are not difficult to acquire. So, whether for work (essential) or if only to improve your relationships at home (still essential), take the time to read this. Well worth the effort and long overdue.


…As Van Hool explains ‘A listening culture where people listen and feel listened to will make your business more successful – and who wouldn’t want that?’ Hear, hear.

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