The LIPSTICK Principles

Amanda Brown

Publication date: November 21, 2019

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‘Every now and then a book comes along that unlocks and changes the way you see the world in a way that means you want to share it with everyone you care about – this is such a book.’ – Helen Cornwell Lee
‘Reading this book is like taking a happiness pill, and it’s packed with practicality too. The LIPSTICK Principles is uplifting, inspiring and motivating – a book every woman who wants to reach her potential should read.’ – Helen Dibble
‘This book is gold dust, inspiring, moving, real, genuine, and the whole tool kit for happiness in one shot. It feels like your best friend is beside you lovingly guiding you through how to do life, and letting you know you can do this and you are not alone.’ – Wendy Loudon
Have you ever wondered if there is a formula for being happy? Would you like to gain control of your life and feel more confident? How can you set about achieving your goals? Amanda Brown’s quest to find answers to these questions has taken her across continents on a personal journey of study and practice as a successful life coach and speaker. Here she shares her knowledge, insights and success stories to help you understand how to utilise your mind to make decisions, savour the moment, be happy and feel excited about the future. By applying the LIPSTICK principles, you will learn to live life from a place of love not fear and say, ‘I’m in.’ Packed with simple exercises and practical solutions, this life manual will free you to let go of worry and fear, live in the moment and love your life.

This book is a great help, full of practical advice that will make a real difference, straight talking and easy to understand. Not wishy washy, pretentious or condescending, it’s just straight forward practical guidance. Easy to put in practice and make the changes you need. I found this helpful and like the fact it was small changes


Stellar read for anyone seeking a different perspective on how to define meaning, purpose and joy..

Simple, straightforward & spot on!
Just wish it had been written sooner

This heart warming book holds your hand on the pathway to self confidence through straight forward exercises and new routines that are easy to follow. Just taking on board a few of the principles at a time has been extremely helpful. The book has helped me plan out some routes to success. A tonic for a glass half full merchant.

After years of living with anxiety and worry, I can’t begin to describe how much better I feel having read this book. Amanda writes not just from experience, but from the heart. The 12 learnings are affirmation of what we actually know, but are afraid to believe. As you go through the LIPSTICK chapters, you find yourself relating to the emotions, and the exercises are just so clear and simple – and easy to put into practice. There are times when you will want to cry when reading this, but there are also some real laugh out loud moments too. It is beautifully written, and you find you warm to the author and feel like she is talking directly to you. This is a book that you can read from start to finish, and then dip into when you need to let go of your worries. It will change the way you approach your decision making, and you will truly believe that you can conquer anything you want to if you put your mind to it. An outstanding book.

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