The Journey Inside

Veronica Munro


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If you’re coaching top-level executives, you need to deliver top-level
results. Seven international expert coaches share their techniques for
deepening your practice and your impact. Take your coaching to a more
powerful level as you work down through the depths of the human
psyche, where effective sustainable change is achieved.
An essential book for anyone involved in helping others achieve at their
highest potential.

‘An immensely practical insight into first-class coaching skills. A must read for all

professional coaches looking to perfect their technique.’
– Nigel Jeremy, Chief Learning Officer, British Airways

This book is a great resource for coaches and a good read for anyone interested in personal development. It is full of fresh and stimulating approaches. I have done more leadership training and coaching courses than the average exec but I do not have a lot of time to devote to courses at the moment – chiefly because I am busy coaching others. So I was looking for a book to dip into and bring out some new insights. This book fit the bill perfectly. Some chapters will stay with me longer than others – I particularly liked Chapter 2 on Transactional Analysis and I am experimenting with this right now. But all the chapters provide plenty of food for thought and are very readable. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in coaching.

Coaching is becoming the dominant management leadership skill for 2020 – old ways of working and thinking just won’t work going forward. The Journey Inside presents core ideas for coaching, but within the context of ‘performance management’. I really like the way the book brings together thinking from various authors, and provides practical tips for changing the way we work. Particularly relevant for the Asian market!

“Inspiring book for coaches who want to bring all of themselves to their client experiences…”

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