The HR Change Toolkit

Lucy Adams

Publication date: January 17, 2019

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It’s hard to make change happen in HR. If you’re a HR manager with good ideas on making things work better that’s frustrating enough, but for organisations that fail to respond to the way the world is changing the results could be fatal.

In this insightful, practical book the world’s top HR disruptor – Lucy Adams – explains why HR needs to change its approach if it’s to be successful in transforming its organisations. She also shares workable strategies for getting your own HR team ready, preparing the ground in your organisation, designing your change and implementing it effectively.

It’s up to you to lead the way – here’s what you need to make it happen.


“Practical, pragmatic, common sense and really easy to read. Some great references to other books. Loved it.”

“Just read The HR Change Toolkit – thank you Lucy Adams! It’s brilliant.. love her writing style, fresh approach to HR and it made me feel like I’m not going mad in my recent frustrations with ‘old-school’ and treacle in HR. One call out that I’ve already been sharing with colleagues at work is the “EACH” concept.”

“Great book for HR professionals”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this book as much as the last one. The practical workbook was a great addition. It allows for reflection about how things are done and what you want to change. I now have some actual plans to implement with my business. Lucy’s view of HR in the workplace is refreshing and inspiring. Well worth a read and to refer back to.”

“Really made me stop and think about my mindset and approach in my job. I questioned the way I operate day to day and came away with a different approach to managing staff.”

“Engaging read with lots of practical tips. If you’ve been thinking about making some changes within your HR Department, this book will help you reflect on those changes and inspire you to get started with practical tools. Some great food for thought. Definitely recommend!”

“If you liked HR Disrupted is a no brainer to pick this one up. I don’t have “a career in HR” but I’ve been working with them in a coaching function and HR Disrupted was a very useful book to inspire that team and spark discussions. I have gone through this one in a couple days, it’s a quick read as honest and engaging as Disrupted (and not sure if intentionally but I think some parts are hilarious – that Sean Penn story was funny!), and I plan to use it to drive new conversations at work.”

“The HR toolkit is a useful and practical resource for me.”

“When I first read HR Disrupted I couldn’t believe that there was someone out there brave enough to write about how HR had been doing it wrong which was something that I had been thinking for years! The HR Change Toolkit is more of the same, with really practical advice to implement a new way of doing things. The premise is simple treat your employees like Adults, Consumers and Humans. Its a very easy read, full of useful further resources. I am fortunate enough to work for a progressive employer so I am having so much fun implementing some new ideas.”

“My speciality (Rob Williams Assessment) is designing bespoke psychometric tests so I had already gained some HR change knowledge from introducing new recruitment processes. Reading this book expanded my understanding by covering similar transformation issues to those my start-up clients manage: dealing with constant change and understanding exactly who their key customers are.”


Brilliant and thought-provoking book. Easy to read with lots of ideas, advice and links to external stuff. Highly recommended!

Lucy’s writing style is both entertaining and informative, making you want to read on.
A real straight talker with many practical / tangible takeaways – love the ”Getting rid of HR speak” for example.
If you’re interested in a modern / forward thinking approach to HR, buy this book!

What a refreshing book written by someone who know her stuff, has the credibility of having “been there”, isn’t afraid to challenge the norm and get us thinking differently. This book is a great build on Lucy’s first book (HR Disrupted), but also stands on its own. It’s full of her observations on the realities of the challenges faced by HR professionals AND most importantly contains plenty of ideas on how to improve things. A must read for HR professionals !!

Quick and engaging read. Perfect to use in the workplace and is pragmatic. Cut the jargon and point scoring and achieve

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