The Hot Flush Freedom Challenge

Julie Dennis

Publication date: December 8, 2017

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Menopause can be a complex time of life but it doesn’t have to be complicated to get control of your symptoms Too many women think it’s either HRT or suffer but that’s not the case. There’s a third option, which is to get control of your symptoms naturally. The Hot Flush Freedom Challenge is for busy, professional women who want straightforward practical advice they can implement with minimum fuss and time. Written using everyday language, the book offers a step-by-step solution to getting control of your hot flushes, night sweats, energy bombs, mood swings, brain fog and sleep in just 10 days.

Amazon reviews:

‘Excellent book with simple, doable steps and changes towards mastering my menopause symptoms. I learnt key information that’s made all the difference to my life. And I still get to drink wine and coffee!’

‘My copy of your book arrived today and as I read through pages 8 and 9 my 20 year old son asked what on earth was I reading that would make my cry. I turned the cover of the book towards him and he just said “oh”. My tears were ones of relief, joy even. I’m not alone, I’m not the only woman experiencing some of the symptoms listed and the night sweats that hit me like a truck 3 weeks ago and have visited every night since!
Having read just the first few pages I feel empowered to fight back and take control. So I want to get started! On page 19 you mention a workbook – I can’t find anywhere to source this. I’ve used a notebook instead, but wanted to check that I’m not missing something obvious that may be another useful tool. Thank you for your time and for giving me a goal.
The above is a copy of an email I sent to Julie Dennis, which she asked me to share at the start of my challenge. I thought I would wait until I worked through the challenge to see how I got on. Here is my honest review.
23 June 2018
Firstly download the free workbook from Julie’s website, it also acts as a guide and you can look back and review what you have recorded.
You start the challenge by identifying one of the symptoms you want to be free from and why. I wanted to be free from several but the night sweats and lack of sleep were the worse. So how did I do? There were some awful nights, the worst they had ever been BUT just 3 weeks later I have now had 3 consecutive nights without ANY sweats which means 3 nights of GREAT sleep and I feel so much better.
You need to read one chapter a day and do your best to follow the instructions. Some were a little more challenging than others but that is the point, it is a challenge. Embrace it! Do track what you eat, it does make a difference. As a result I haven’t eaten any biscuits, cake or chocolate since chapter 2 (although I did cheat once or twice and paid for it that night). I believe these are trigger points for me. I am trying to buy organic produce, it’s expensive so I am doing it when I can. Reduce your caffeine intake. I gave up my one cup of tea a day and now drink peppermint tea. I like it and don’t miss that cuppa! I had 2 full weeks without any alcohol, have I missed it, surprisingly not as much as I thought! I have offered to drive when going out and had water in a wine or G&T glass. Two nights ago I had a big night out on the town with way too much G&T and still slept through the night without any sweats.
One of the best chapters is Phone a Friend. I talked to my younger sister about what I was experiencing as it could be coming her way too! I talked to my mum. We used to laugh at her when we were young as she was stripping off during a hot flush with damp hair and a red face. I feel so awful about that now. I have spoken to friends, about their symptoms and what they do to manage them. And most importantly I spoke to my husband. I tried to explain I wasn’t rejecting him but a cuddle when having a hot flush just didn’t help me. I made him read various pages of this book – he is finally understanding what I am experiencing.
Reducing the night sweats has also reduced the sleepless nights and in turn I feel refreshed each morning. I am not snapping at my family. The brain fog has lifted. I didn’t want to lose weight but I have from cutting out the chocolate, cake and biscuits. My skin looks better. My head is clear, I take 5 minutes each morning to give myself some headspace. And I can breathe my way out of a hot flush!
You do have to work at it and some days I repeated the previous day’s challenge but honestly I am feeling so much better.
Contact Julie Dennis if you have a query, I did and wasn’t expecting a reply but I got one less than 24 hours after I emailed her. Give this a go, it’s worth every penny of the £9.99 you will pay.’

‘This book is a great way to work through the difficulties that menopause brings, with helpful easy tips to reduce hot flushes and other menopause symptoms. It has made me realise a few simple life changes can have a big effect. I have lent this book to my sister who was considering HRT and recommended to my friends. To sum up this concise and practical book is a must to help you deal with the menopause and with an added bonus – the healthy recipes.’

‘What a great book – easy to read – covers all it needs to and gives really practical tips – including how to overcome your blocks to success. Would definitely recommend.’

“A really practical and easy to follow approach to managing menopause symptoms put together in a 10 day challenge introducing something new each day of the challenge. You can read a day at a time and follow the challenges daily as the book is written in a way that enables that. I am sure this book will be of help to many women of a certain time in life. Would recommend to others.” Liz R

“I love how clear and friendly this is. There’s so much practical advice, but it’s all packaged up to seem easy and simple. Breaking it down into a day by day programme is such a great idea, because it takes the decision-making dilemma away from the process.” Ginny Carter

“Having completed the 10 day Hot Flush Freedom Challenge I couldn’t wait to read the book; which is informative, easy to read, step by step guide of practical tips and advice. Well worth the read by someone who’s been there herself!! Highly recommended just wish I’d read it earlier.” Gillian E Worsley

‘I’m at the very beginning of this ‘phase’ in my life but was feeling incredibly tired and overwhelmed by it all when I found this book online. It came as an instant relief – it is so easy to read, concise and reassuring – which is just what you need when you’re feeling shattered. I don’t really want to know the in’s and out’s of this phase, I just want to know how to cope & get through it! I also love that this book is aimed at women who want to carry on working without drawing attention to what they are going through or letting it affect their performance. I now feel that I’m armed and ready for what ever this particular phase of my life throws at me! Thank you Julie Dennis!’

‘Julie Dennis has taken away the myths and heartache of the menopause! Her book lets you believe that YOU can do so much to assist your body with the change it has to go through. No drugs but self help must be the way forward.
Easy reading with hard facts…..Brilliant .’

‘Having previously completed the hot flush freedom challenge it was great to read this book. It gives clear practical day by day help on how to control your menopause symptoms through simple lifestyle changes, work out what your triggers are and take control of your life in 10 days. It also includes a section ‘for the boys’ to help them understand what the menopause is all about!! Julie is great and I am happy to recommend this book.’

‘This book really helped me gain control of my symptoms and I started to see an improvement in just 7 days. If you are feeling menopause madness you need to get this book.’

‘Sheer desperation made me buy this. I’d tried everything else. You read about things transforming people’s lives and you think rubbish. This has got me my life back. I am so grateful.’

‘Fabulous, easy to read book packed with practical guidance of what you can do to get your menopause symptoms under control and enjoy life – in only 10 days! Recommend this book!’

‘l loved this book – extremely helpful and following Julie’s advice which is helping me. l highly recommend this book to Ladies that need to know that they are not alone.’

‘Julie is a real inspiration for anyone wanting to explore an alternative to HRT when going through the menopause. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the book.’

‘This is a great way to work through your menopause challenges by doing a challenge. It really helps to get clear on what is causing your hot flushes and what your triggers are. Lots of great information about your menopause symptoms and lots of great recipes too.’

“I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of Julie’s book before it was available to buy. What an amazing and informative read. I would highly recommend this and can’t wait to try some of the recipes.”

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