The HERO Transformation Playbook

Arif Harbott
Cuan Mulligan


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Most transformations and large-scale change programs fail, but in a rapidly changing world change is becoming more and more critical for survival.

The Transformation Playbook is your step-by-step playbook of EXACTLY how to deliver successful transformations and large-scale change programs with the best chance of success using the HERO Transformation Framework: a clear method to help you design transformation for maximum enterprise value creation and then deliver the outcome in a repeatable fashion.

We built our framework through trial and error, learning from our mistakes and successes and solving common issues we came across and pitfalls that we have seen time and again. We then spent many years honing the framework, removing the fluff, distilling the concepts until it contained everything you need to succeed in the challenging world of change.

In this book we teach you everything we’ve learned – including all of the roles, processes, meetings, governance, and templates for you to follow and apply to your transformation today – so that you can crack the code of change and lead successful transformations on your own. The more successful transformations that are delivered, the better the world will be for everyone!

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