The Great Revitalization (ebook)

Alise Cortez

Publication date: March 20, 2023

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Life and work continue to evolve, and so must your leadership. Thriving in today’s business environment requires conscious, inspirational leadership, a fresh understanding of the world we find ourselves in, and a whole new playbook anchored in meaning and purpose. You need a set of strategies and applications that enable you to create an experience in your organization where your people give their best, feel fulfilled in their work and relationships, can work toward realizing their potential, and will persevere alongside you in service of the company’s mission.

Not only will you and your team be completely rejuvenated and elevated by exercising this kind of agency, but your business will be transformed to perform at much higher levels of productivity, creativity, and results. Meaning and purpose are essential ingredients to unleash the potential of everyone in your stakeholder community, powerfully uniting them, to increase your organizational impact and relevance. Here is your opportunity to transform the Great Resignation into your Great Revitalization.

DR ALISE CORTEZ is a management consultant specializing in meaning and purpose, an organizational logotherapist, the host of Working on Purpose radio and Chief Purpose Officer at Dr Alise Cortez and Associates. She works with forward-reaching organizations to develop conscious, inspirational leaders and enable them to transform their organizations into high functioning, profitable enterprises by activating meaning and purpose.

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