The Golden Thread

Leanne Hamley

Publication date: June 8, 2021


SKU: 9781788602662


The Golden Thread is a blueprint for authentic organizational culture: what it is, what it isn’t, why it matters, and how to build it.

If you are passionate about creating an environment where people thrive, you’ll understand the value of real engagement and values alignment. But how do you make it happen? Consciously or not, company culture runs like a golden thread through any organization, and where it is not thoughtfully nurtured it unravels – leaving a toxic environment filled with bureaucracy, politics and poor mental health.

The Golden Thread guides business leaders through this concept – exploring cultural diagnostics and revealing what they really mean. This book will show you how to design and develop your own target culture, one that is right for your people and business. It then takes you step by step through the employee lifecycle, helping you to weave your new cultural and values through everything to build a happy, healthy, high performing organization.

Leanne Hamley is an experienced leader and business coach specializing in behavioural change, leadership development and organizational culture.

The author has shown a deep understanding of the subject and has done well to demonstrate the pragmatic steps required to sustain cultural development within any organisation.


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