The Future of Time (ebook)

Helen Beedham

Publication date: February 28, 2022

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**Business Book Awards 2023: People, Culture & Management Book of the Year**

The way we value and manage time at work is broken.

Businesses are squandering time when making decisions, delivering work and managing people. Employees are rewarded for 24/7 availability, speed of response and hours worked.

The results are clear: low productivity; high stress and burnout; falling retention; and stalling diversity.

The Future of Time reveals how ‘re-working’ time – transforming organizations by adopting positive time practices – can help you build a more diverse, engaged and productive workforce.

  • Diagnostics to quickly assess the ‘time defects’ damaging your business
  • Compelling evidence, case studies and strategies to ‘re-work’ time successfully
  • Timelines and tools to bring about fast, effective change.

Helen Beedham, MA Cantab, speaks, consults and leads research on how to create more inclusive, productive workplaces where everyone can flourish. For the past 25 years, as management consultant then chair of a City-wide professional network, she has led change programmes for FTSE 100 businesses and regularly brought together Heads of HR, Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing to exchange market-leading practices.

I would see this as a self help book to examine and tackle our actions with time, particularly our schedules and how we can better hack them for efficiency. I believe this book would do well as a companion piece with any book that addresses habit formation.


A fascinating and comprehensive guide to ensuring better outcomes for businesses and their employees. Helen analyses and dissects the issues in a succinct and articulate way making this a must-read for employers and employees alike.


A must read for CEOs, leadership teams, People teams and anyone interested in organisational culture, productivity and inclusion.
Insightful, thought provoking and well-written and I’ve not even got to the section with all the practical tools you can use within your organisation. There is a ridiculous amount of value in this book.


With the rapid growth of working from home over the last two years, both employers and employees are coming to realise that work/life balance and productivity are intricately linked, and “The Future of Time” offers useful ways of looking at time within your business to see how it could be used better, allowing employees to be both more productive and happier at the same time, and allowing employers to reap the benefit of a more engaged, and more content, workforce.
I feel that there is something within its pages for everyone, at all levels of organisations big and small.


‘..provides helpful guides to rework our management of our own time as well as for the people who work under us. This is a good read for people in management to set the culture of good time usage.’


The author tackles a complex subject in an engaging and pragmatic way and shares various positive examples from a range of companies and industries. I’ve seen the book featured in a number of business and HR publications and podcasts since it launched, so it’s clearly tapping into a hot topic in today’s world of work


Helen Beedham’s wonderful book offers a fresh and much-needed look at a long-standing problem that we’ve historically failed to address. Situating time management as a clear business issue, Beedham offers a cornucopia of practical tools that you can use today, whatever your role and industry. She advocates persuasively for a better way of working that will enable happier, healthier work lives. Beedham combines rigour and curiosity, creating a book that is well-researched, clearly structured and accessible. This is an excellent read.


‘This is not just a book on time management. It explores ways of working, productivity, diversity and wellbeing. It is practical and inspirational….[it] looks at time management holistically, along with a range of tools and techniques.’

Edge Journal (The Institute of Leadership and Management.)

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