The Exhibitionist

Nichola Reeder


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A practical and inspiring guide to executing
effective trade shows that attract and convert high quality leads into
profitable sales. Organisations regularly waste vast amounts of money, time and
effort attending the wrong shows, planning them poorly and failing to follow
up, leading to an almost zero return on investment. The Exhibitionist gives exhibitors an
end-to-end guide covering all aspects of best-practice trade show execution
including budgeting, researching the right show, selecting and training staff
and post show contact strategy amongst many other elements, to build the
confidence and skills required for delivering more effective events.

Through a series of three
modules – planning, implementation and evaluation – The Exhibitionist guides
readers through the linear process of delivering a commercially measurable
trade show. This is a practical journey which alongside the theory uses case
studies and examples to bring the key points to life.  Rather than just giving readers the answer,
The Exhibitionist provides the stimulus and inspiration to arrive at the right
decisions for each organisation’s specific trade show needs. The Exhibitionist directs
you through the minimum requirements to deliver an effective trade show but
also discuss more advanced elements such as media management, speaker platforms
and digital engagement that will enhance the basic delivery for more
experienced exhibitors

“An incredible book full of absolute gold for anyone involved with or looking to get involved in trade shows.”

“I’m 1/2 way through this book and it is packed with so much amazing content. I’ve been exhibiting at shows for decades and I wish I had this bible years ago. I would have saved so much time and money and avoid tons of headaches. Thank you for Steve and Nichola for doing so much research and distilling down to edible parts.”

“The Exhibitionist sets the standard of how to get the most out of your companies trade show or exhibition activity. It provides an informed overview of the process of organising events right from how to make sure this is the right show for your company to how to measure your success post event leaving no stone unturned in-between. Steve and Nichola cover everything you would need to know was a first time exhibitor whilst providing best practice for those who aren’t making the most of their opportunities. Regardless of the size of your company or how many times you have exhibited before I guarantee you will find value in using this book as the go to resource during event or exhibition planning. Also, I would highly recommend anybody that works with the events and exhibitions industry to take the time to give The Exhibitionist a read, it’s overview of the who process will provide facinating insite allowing you to see the bigger picture and where you fit within it. Companies should keep a copy of this in their office and make sure anybody involved in the events process takes the time out to consume its contents before going anywhere near the event planning process.”


“Having worked in the exhibition sector for a number of years I can say this is a fantastic and complete reference for helping any company or individual plan plus deliver a perfect trade show as an exhibitor. It can be a major investment of budget, resources plus time and there are many pitfalls however this book sets out a clear process for making sure that investment works for anyone. Highly Recommended!”

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