The Disruption Game Plan

Ruth Murray-Webster
Eleanor Winton

Publication date: May 18, 2021


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Disruption is everywhere: it presents both great opportunities and significant threats.

Do you know how to shape your strategy to respond?

What if you had a game plan to navigate disruption?

The Disruption Game Plan presents a tried and tested framework to help senior leaders think differently about disruptive trends and emergent risks, and to act differently when making decisions; joining up thinking on innovation, risk, sustainability and strategy.

By revealing how we can more effectively deal with challenging business environments, this book will help any curious and ambitious senior leader to go beyond a short-term, fire-fighting response, and instead set out to ‘change the game’.

Addressing disruption is a business imperative, but there is little coherent advice on ‘how to’. This book imparts practical advice and links readers to our expertise through engaging with our events, workshops and consulting work.

To support the ‘how to’ feel, the text is designed to be easy to read and to refer back to. We use a mix of prose, graphics (intended to reflect the ‘working-draft’ feel of a workshop output), traditional figures, personal and public domain stories, pop-out ‘Design Notes’ and a visual table of contents for the steps in our process.

The book will be supported by online content including videos, models, tips, blog posts and much more on

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