The Conscious Lawyer (ebook)

Kiran Scarr

Publication date: June 26, 2023

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Don’t just produce results, unleash potential.

Radical disruption in the legal sector has meant increased pressure on lawyers to be strategic business enablers and innovators. Today, leaders of law firms and legal functions must steer change more effectively to create client-centric solutions for the businesses they serve. But this requires a new set of leadership skills focused on delivering success through vision and values, purpose over profits and positive impact on people.

The Conscious Lawyer is a simple, powerful roadmap for professionals seeking a more meaningful way of leading high-performing teams through change. Discover a fresh perspective on how you can reshape your leadership to advance the future of law.

As an international lawyer, general counsel and law firm COO, Kiran Chawla Scarr has spent a global career leading transformational change in the legal sector. Widely recognized and awarded for transformative leadership, process innovation and contribution to the legal community, she is a prominent voice on the future of law.

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