The Brave Leader (ebook)

David McQueen

Publication date: January 29, 2024

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Your business needs you to be brave when it comes to inclusion. David McQueen has coached leaders across all sectors to step up to inclusive leadership, transforming their processes, policies and ways of working to support diversity and reap the rewards.

Many leaders are terrified of doing the wrong thing, so they do nothing. That is not an option. Discover how to think strategically about problem-solving and decision-making so that you embed inclusivity in your organization, no matter the pace of change you face, and future-proof your talent management, product development, customer experience and more.

David McQueen is a leadership coach, international speaker and facilitator. He is the cofounder of professional development company Q Squared Ltd, the host of The BRAVE Leader podcast and a blogger on all things leadership and culture change.

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