The Blue Whale Plan (ebook)

Phil Teasdale

Publication date: December 4, 2023

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Could your ‘small’ business be a Blue Whale just waiting to break the water?

Whether you’re in your third week or third decade of business, no matter what your current turnover is or what life stage you’re at, it’s never too late to re-evaluate your goals and your ambitions. But if you’re ready to grow your business after several years of trading, you might find that most of the advice and support out there is aimed at new start-ups.

Phil Teasdale took the decision to transform his own company 20 years ago, and since then he’s been helping other established businesses grow and transform with the help of his innovative, practical Blue Whale Plan.
Swimming with Blue Whales will change both you and your business – this is your invitation to become part of the pod.

A successful small business owner himself, Phil Teasdale has spent the last 20 years working with over 6,000 small businesses in the UK, US and Australia, identifying and developing growth opportunities.

Recognising that most small businesses and small business owners do not fit the traditional myth of the high-growth start-up ‘unicorn’, he is much more interested in working with ‘blue whales’: businesses with a longer gestation, who choose a different, more sustainable route to growth.

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