The Art of Enough

Becky Hall

Publication date: September 21, 2021

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Ever feel like you aren’t Enough? Overwhelmed by too many demands?

Concerned about over-consumption and the climate crisis

You’re not alone. The Art of Enough is the challenge of our age.

In a world full of pressure to be more, do more and consume more, this practical guidebook will help you find your own version of Enough. Enough is a springboard for self-belief, a healthy work pace and sustainable living, so you can move from striving to thriving.

Weaving together ideas, stories and practices, The Art of Enough offers seven ways to ease away from the pull of scarcity and excess, towards flourishing with Enough; finding the balance and boundaries we all need for ourselves and for our world.

Becky Hall is a coach, facilitator and speaker and has worked for over 20 years with teams, organizations and leaders, helping busy people all over the world create their own Art of Enough.

‘If you want to have a better life and to make the world a better place then you must read this book. It is wise and practical and beautifully easy to read, everybody should read it’
Charles Handy, bestselling author of The Empty Raincoat and The Second Curve.

For people that constantly need/ want to do more, this book is AWESOME! Read it now. For people who worry they consume or buy too much, this book is AWESOME, too! Read it now.


This is a great addition to your self-help book collection! I think a lot of us never feel like we are ENOUGH and we need to get out of that mindset as it’s damaging to us and others around us. This book gives some great tips and healing-type energy to incorporate changes into our lives.


So much of this book resonates with me. We are taught from an early age to strive to ‘ be good ‘. To do well at school , to be top of the class, to get the best exam results, to go on to the best university.
Then when an adult , we want to be seen to be at the top of our career, to be thought well of by our peers. To holiday in lovely places, to have a fantastic home, and great relationships, well adjusted children. Rinse and repeat.
This book almost gives you permission to step off that merry-go round , or at least the idea that you can look at life in a different way.
A great thought provoking book.


This book offers so many practical ways to help you learn to appreciate yourself and your life, a really thought provoking and helpful read!


This is an excellent book about finding balance in a driven world. About finding the place between scarcity and abundance where you can live happy and content. Sounds simple, and in a way, it is, but we are required to totally rethink our mindsets so that we stop competing and comparing and start looking properly at ourselves and our ambitions. I found it very positive and many of the ideas are easily transferable for me.


A wonderful, clear, affirmative guide to making one’s way in this hectic confusing world. So full of good and useful advice. Succinctly written, easy to follow, and gently life-changing.


This book explores so much about how we think, what we have been programmed to do and then gives superb practical advice on how to do life differently.


This is a brilliant book. It offers highly practical tools to work with, supporting a movement to a mindset shift for inner peace and acceptance. Becky doesn’t shy away from the messy and difficult stuff of life but approaches it with a calm consideration that makes her teaching highly accessible.


If you’re at a crossroads in life this is a great book
I am in my early 20s and read this book after taking a job I didn’t really care for in the pandemic. I was unsure of what path I wanted to take next and felt quite lost. Reading this book helped me to evaluate what was important for me in life and what I wanted my life to look like. I am now in a much better job, with a much healthier work-life balance and I feel this is due to the guidance this book gave me.


This book is a MUST BUY for anyone who is looking for some thought provoking insight on their ability to “Be Enough”, just as they are. It is laid out in a really practical and useful way, with exercises and summaries to allow us to “dip in and out” when we feel a need. The Art of Enough is a truly supportive resource when we feel the need to to find a way to unburden and unleash our natural power, to grab hold of the restricting boundaries of our limiting beliefs to grow beyond self sabotage.


“a deeply human and hopeful book”
Paul Heardman

Coaching at Work

I enjoyed this book and highly recommended it because of the author’s total commitment and passion for helping other people find their way to enough.


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