Storytelling for Business (ebook)

Rob Wozny

Publication date: May 30, 2022

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** Business Book Awards 2023 Finalist **

“Nothing connects people to engage emotionally with your business better than a well-told story – your story.”

From mega-large corporations to tiny start-ups, every…. single…. business always has a story to tell. Before people choose to buy your product or service, or respond to a call to action, they need to understand how you will solve their problem or fulfil their needs.

Storytelling for Business reveals why storytelling remains the most impactful way to create a meaningful and sustainable connection with the people who matter the most to your business, and how to tell YOUR story well.
For more than 25 years, storytelling has been at the core of everything Rob Wozny has accomplished as an intrepid senior journalist, creative content strategist, and proven business communicator. Leveraging his passion and experience for storytelling, Rob works with business owners and leaders to understand their goals and align them with business storytelling ideas, personalized to attract and engage the people that matter most to them.

A direct book with actionable advice, great for anyone working in marketing or looking to expand their own social media outreach. How to tell a story that builds a business or brand, this book focuses on the “business” side but plenty of examples and advice for everyone making money online.


Storytelling in business cannot be underestimated because it is widely used for successful communication. This book tells you about the importance of storytelling as well as coaches in creating and delivering stories that can make a difference and impact. I’d say you can find a good way to structure (several options that fit multiple purposes) a story [and] platform to deliver it as well.


…this is well structured, clearly written, and includes good examples. Since we’re wired for stories, this is a good skill for everyone to have whether it’s to tell a joke or something that happened to you. Use it at work or home. Recommended.


Storytelling for Business is a very well-written, insightful book and one I will be recommending and buying as gifts for the communications pros in my life.
Whether you are a senior communicator or just starting out this book is filled with resources and tips to help you engage your audience. The case studies throughout are relevant and thought provoking, demonstrating the power of a good story. This book can be read cover to cover in just a few days, but I guarantee you’ll be picking it up and thumbing through well-worn pages for advice and inspiration for years to come.


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