Stop Bedwetting in Seven Days

Alicia Eaton


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This best-selling book is an easy-to-read guide for parents, using the latest thinking from the fields of positive psychology, NLP and hypnotherapy to help children overcome bedwetting more easily. The seven-day programme also comes with downloadable hypnotic audio recording ‘Dry Beds Now’, which is filled with positive suggestions to make changing this unwanted habit easier. 

This fully revised and updated edition includes improvements to the system, thanks to years of results and research from parents, GPs and Consultant Paediatricians. In surveys over 70% of children achieved dry nights following this system, and 85% of parents would recommend this system to others.

As the mother of a 6 year old who is struggling to be dry at night, this book felt like the answer to my prayers. Lots of sensible advice and very accessible. We have followed the steps Eaton outlines and are so far having amazing progress. Thanks so much for the opportunity to read this…I wish I’d come across it earlier and will definitely now be doing things differently with my 3 year old!


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