Soft Skills for Tough Jobs (ebook)

Lucy Harrison

Publication date: May 23, 2022


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Ever come away from a conversation thinking, ‘I could have handled that better’? Your hair-trigger, subconscious reactions can devastate your team and your organisational culture. In a high-pressure, stressful environment it’s tough to do things differently, but you CAN choose to show up differently, and that choice can transform your life, your relationships and your business.
With her simple NALED framework, Lucy Harrison has already helped hundreds of leaders make different choices and see the world differently.
Positive teams deliver better long-term performance, but they require strong relationships, psychological safety, emotional intelligence, and effective communication. In other words, soft skills. And for many leaders, particularly in traditional industries, those soft skills don’t come naturally.
The NALED approach captures what you already do when you’re at your best. By being more aware and intentional, you can be at your best more often.
Created and road tested in collaboration with busy industry managers, particularly during the Covid pandemic with its unprecedented challenges to organisational wellbeing, this toolkit will enable you to drive engagement, collaboration and performance in your organisation.
Discover how to think, act and lead differently to build more effective teams, one conversation at a time.

Foreword by Adrienne Kelbie, CBE

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