Sales Coaching Essentials (ebook)

Mark Garrett Hayes

Publication date: May 16, 2022

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** Business Book Awards 2023 Finalist **

Need your new sales hires to get up to speed faster?
Want your salespeople to stop depending on you? Like to get the very best from your sales team?

“This is the book you keep on your shelf and ‘dog-ear’ as a new or seasoned manager with tips you can action immediately. A rare find among sales books today.”
Ashton Williams – Senior Manager Revenue Enablement ADA

“A masterpiece in sales coaching. Your salespeople will become autonomous in their thinking, discovering their own answers, mastering their own objections, and you will be the guide to their success.”
Caroline McCrystal – Senior Account Manager UK&I GTM Banking Experian

“Mark does a phenomenal job demystifying sales coaching and making it actionable for frontline managers. A must-read for any sales leader unlocking the performance of their team.”
Matthew Dixon – Co-author of The Challenger Sale and Jolt

More than ever you need to coach your team so they can think for themselves, take responsibility for their performance and do what you hired them to do. If you want to turn your team into top sales performers, sales coaching must be your focus. Let this practical and easy-to-read book show you how.

Mark Garrett Hayes is an accredited coach and trainer, and is passionate about helping sales leaders to dramatically boost sales performance and accountability.

This book does what it sets out to do. In today’s world the effective sales leader is the head coach for the team. This is a book I would put on my desk to reread and make notes. prior to coaching sessions. It is organized around topics that are of immediate importance to sales. As well the overall view is leading the team and team members to solutions they come up with and are responsible for. You don’t do the work for them. Very useful book.


This is the best book on sales coaching out there.

Mark has done an exceptional job of showing sales leaders how to coach, and provides practical, actionable advice to everyone, from new managers who have never coached before to the most experienced managers who have been coaching for years.

This is a must-read for anyone leading a team of sales people. I highly recommend it.


Many sales writers seem to fill pages with guff about their exploits and how to do it, but come from a place of never having done sales coaching in the reality of the profession.
This one is different because the writer makes you the expert. By the end of this book, I felt he had transformed my thinking and made the hero of the journey. First book to draw me in completely and do this.
Highly recommended for every sales leader – new or old!


A no nonsense guide to one of the most underrated skills in a Sales Manager’s kitbag. Love it.


Sales book of the year! In my role selling training, I read a lot of industry articles and books and I especially like how well organised and easy to use this book is.
You don’t get the feeling that you’re being talked down to. Instead, this book holds you by the hand. You get enough info to understand, learn and then apply. Then lots of brilliant coaching questions to use it fast. I especially love tools like the ‘quick-start guide’ and coaching plans.


An absolute essential for any sales leaders wanting to develop their sales teams!


Being a pragmatist, I am always looking for tips I can implement easily rather than an academic or theoretical approach. This book certainly delivers on that.


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