Sales Coaching Essentials

Mark Garrett Hayes

Publication date: May 17, 2022


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Transform your team

Coaching is widely recognized as the most important factor when it comes to turning talent into top performers in every field.

More than ever, sales managers need to coach their people so they can develop valuable talent, boost sales performance and stop the churn of sales people out the door.

Training is information but coaching is transformation, and it’s the transformation that your people need to sell more and sell better. But where do you start?

With sample conversations and troubleshooting tips, this is a tactical playbook for coaching your sales people on the job in practical and easy-to-follow steps.

Mark Garrett Hayes is a sales enablement expert who helps sales leaders learn how to coach their sales people and dramatically boost sales performance.

Mark is the host of the ‘The Sales Coach’ podcast and interviews sales leaders and thought leaders at SaaS and tech companies worldwide each week.

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