Purpose Ignited (ebook)

Alise Cortez

Publication date: November 17, 2020

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This book was written to turn you ON – to ignite you from the core of your being! The contents are designed to vitally inspire you to cultivate meaning, passion, and purpose in the everyday moments, unleashing the very best version of you, every day. And then, you will be compelled to bring it – and bring it strong – to everything you do to make the contribution worthy of your one, precious life.

People are motivated at their highest levels when they can connect their work contributions to a greater purpose and mission, and you as their inspirational leader can help them do so. The world desperately needs a sea change in an otherwise soul-sucking workplace that is draining the life out of its members. This book will transform you to be that force, standing strong in inspiration and purpose, igniting the vitalizing ripple through your team and organization.

Starting with meaning and finishing with purpose, Part One is designed to get you fit for living and leading with “gusto.” Each chapter contains activities designed to transform you into a more impassioned and inspirational leader. Part Two teaches you how to unleash that newly found vibrant being to ignite your team members to realize their own greatness and elevate your organization’s cause to a higher contribution that betters the world.

Work and the way business is done can be such profoundly powerful forces for good that elevate humanity – your impassioned, inspirational, and purposeful leadership is essential to creating a world we all want to live in. Your journey awaits – let’s get to work.

Key features:
· Provides a 6-point framework to live with passion and work on purpose
· Inspiring stories from Alise’s radio show guests to illustrate key points
· Application activities in each chapter to catalyze your transformation

Purpose Ignited offers an introduction to and an in-depth understanding of purpose in business environments. Well written, easy to understand, yet with sufficient scholarly depth – this book will help corporate officers and academics seeking new ways to motivate employees.


I enjoyed Alise Cortez’s book immensely and found great inspiration in many of the stories she includes.
I think there is a time in everyone’s life when this book will resonate and strike home.
There are videos and worksheets to accompany the book, so if you give it time then the book will have more reach within. I certainly found more depth and interest in doing the activities and giving it some reflection time.
I admit however, whilst I completed the book, I didn’t complete all the activities (yet). However, if you’re serious about this area of your life: do them! I’m sure they will add value.


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