Pink Slippers

Jane Hardy

Publication date: June 13, 2019

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Are you caring for a loved one with dementia and don’t know where to begin? Here are the answers you have been searching for.

Jane Hardy writes frankly about the experiences she and her Mum have shared over the past four years, the lessons she’s learned, the things she wished she’d known before they started this journey together. Jane’s Mum Beth was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia and Alzheimers with a score of 16 (moderate/severe dementia) at the age of 90. Four years later, she has a score of 20+, is enjoying life and her memory and humour are returning!

Her GP cannot believe her improvement. She is stronger and healthier, has a positive outlook on life and can read and write again.

If you are dealing with a loved one with Dementia, Jane’s experiences and strategies will help you avoid the same mistakes that she made! This journey is not for the faint hearted. But focus on what we can be done, rather than what the others say can’t be done. For Jane and her Mum, small steps have led to huge strides.

I asked to review this book because although I review books for enjoyment, my actual job is working as a CNA/CMA ( caregiver ) on an Alzheimer unit in Long Term Care. Whenever I can find a article or book on this subject, I read it to keep my knowledge fresh. Most books have disappointed me. Frequently books only describe the anguish of the caregiver or the person they are caring for. Or only technical descriptions of the disease process. Neither of which help the person at home trying to care for the Alzheimer sufferer other than an overview with very few answers for them.

Ms. Hardy has written a very informative book full of helpful ideas and tips for the home caregiver. Her mother has sudden onset AD (Alzheimers Disease ), and although her progression does not appear to be the AVERAGE progression, every tip would be helpful for a caregiver at home. Ms. Hardy is in the UK, so her terms are not the same as ours: Nappie ( adult diapers ), Carer ( home health aide ), GP ( medical doctor ) and the like. Even so, with a little effort those terms can be understood. I highly recommend this book. It is upbeat, informative, and spot on with the advice she gives.


“This book is a very interesting read for anyone, but especially for someone who is a carer or you know of someone who suffers with Dementia. An honest day-to-day guide that gives a real insight into a persons life that has been turned upside down and who is coping with 24 hour care for someone they hold so dear – a real eye opener. A must read!”

“This is an excellent, easy to read book written by a wonderful daughter caring for her mother. It gives helpful advice on how to look after your loved ones with dementia. With humour, insight and helpful every day tips, Jane guides you through the ups and downs and the in-betweens of daily life. Thoroughly recommend.”

“I found this a very informative great read. One of a kind. Well done”

“This is an encouraging book for anyone who finds themselves in the position of caring for a loved one with dementia. Jane Hardy shares her story with warmth, along with practical advice drawn from her personal experience.”

“This is a truly wonderful book. Painful at times in its honesty, but packed full of personal experience and sensible, practical advice and evidence that it’s not “downhill all the way”…”

“I liked the down to earth style of narrative of this easy to read book. It comes with lots of practical advice and tips on how to face to the realities of living with a loved one with a still misunderstood health condition. Jane engages the reader in a friendly and provoking way. She acknowledges the goods and the bads in her journey to care for her mum. One cannot but fully sympathise with her.”

…This is a lovely, honest read and I recommend it to anyone that is caring for a loved one.”

“A really helpful book written by a loving daughter who took on the role of caring for her mum and is inspirational to my way of thinking.”

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