Parenting Magic (ebook)

Karen Shaw

Publication date: August 18, 2020

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The instruction book that didn’t come with your child. A comprehensive guide to being the best parent you can be, connecting and communicating in a conscious and confident way with your children, so that you can both enjoy a great relationship and you can help them shine their unique brilliance in the world.

This is a new paradigm, exploring the importance of energetic communication and kinetic parenting with concepts, philosophies, strategies and ideas drawn from NLP, hypnotherapy, spiritual practices and the latest brain and heart research which reveals that we are communicating far more to our children than we think we are.

An interesting new take on parenting, focusing on conscious communication and behaviour. As parents we are often juggling a million things at once so our responses are automatic and not consciously thought out. Well worth a read.


Awesome book!!
I think it is so important that we are conscious of how we, as parents, interact with our children and teach them, both by example and word. This book helped explain why it is so important to consciously parent. I love how she shares personal stories and emphasizes the importance of communication and connection. These are vital tools for developing a close and positive relationship with our children and teaching them in a way that will positively affect their lives and growth as human beings. I love that Karen takes a holistic approach to parenting that is founded on, above all things, love, as the motivating factor. She reveals lots of effective strategies to better parent and develop stronger relationships that can produce more mindful and caring children.


You don’t need to be a parent to get something from this book! The author’s combined knowledge of eastern and western philosophies and practices provides some great insights into how to have a better understanding and relationship with kids (or anyone, really) whether you are a parent or someone who spends time with kids.

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