Opus (ebook)

Jude Jennison

Publication date: June 21, 2021


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Is your senior leadership team fully aligned and ready for fast-paced change?

Or do unresolved differences cause tension and stress, sapping energy and wasting time?

Imagine, instead, a team:

· full of vitality and vigour, excited about possibilities

· with clear objectives, pulling seamlessly together in one direction

· where everyone knows exactly what to think, say and do to get the best from each other

· which continually steps up, challenges and supports its leaders.

Vision, strategy and clear objectives are a given in a high-performing team. The real shift happens when you focus on who you are being, as well as what you are doing. Relationships AND results in absolute harmony.

Drawing on a decade of Equine Facilitated Leadership to fine-tune the skills of leaders and teams, Opus leads you through a 5-step process to develop the Aliveness, Alignment, Awareness, Ability and Acknowledgement that every team needs to create the magic of brilliant teamwork.

Jude Jennison is an Executive Team Coach, developing senior leadership teams through disruptive change. She works with a herd of horses to provide life-changing ‘aha’ moments that reduce stress, align teams and accelerate results.

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