Once Upon a Deal…

Horace McDonald

Publication date: May 30, 2023

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Negotiation is everywhere. Even though we use it all the time – at work, at home, with family and friends – many of us are negotiating without realising it. Negotiation can be described as the process of getting what we want, from people who want something from us and is an art built around the science of a defined process, the Scotwork 8-Step Framework.

For a number of years, our negotiation experts have written about the issues of the day and have compiled a selection of negotiation stories for this book. Once Upon a Deal… brings colour to our framework to help you think differently about negotiation and help you be more in control and confident to enable you to get what you want and contribute to enhanced collaborative interactions.

Get ready…

SCOTWORK has been in the business of developing capability in commercial negotiation for nearly 50 years: these entertaining stories are drawn from the team’s extensive and rich experience across many sectors and situations

This book can showcase a new way of approaching negotiations training and skills development. You will find a model of approaching negotiations that has eight stages: preparation, argument, signalling, proposing, packaging bargaining, closing and agreement. The authors walk you through each stage via storytelling and providing examples. This makes the book easy to read, comprehend and observe theory application in practice. Nice book that can be useful for any party in negotiations.


Useful and accessible content, engagingly written. Highly recommended window into the art of negotiating.


Lots of great, practical hints wrapped up in thorough knowledge and experience told in an entertaining and readable way


Very interesting, fun and educational – lots to take away from this book. Highly recommended!


Simple stories that explain complex concepts and provides practical tips


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