My Job Isn’t Working!

Michael Brown

Publication date: July 10, 2018

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If you’re a typical mid-career worker in a typical enterprise – been around a while, employs more than a handful of people – the chances are you are being squeezed. Hard. You’re under pressure like never before, coming at you from all directions. It’s getting worse, and the prospects are worse still. You’ve been asked to do more with less for years, and there is nothing left to give. You can’t trust people, you feel insecure, and the job seems a bit pointless. You’ve given up trying to fix the crappy processes you have to work with, because it’s easier to disengage.
Meanwhile the outside world appears to have gone mad, the millennials are coming up fast behind at half your salary and you ought to be worrying about when a robot is going to take your job. Work-Life balance is an outdated concept, and you no longer know how to switch off. You find it hard to keep up technically, and worry about how relevant you are. You may well want out, but can’t work out how to do it, and so you’re stuck.
Your career mojo – the engine which keeps you motoring at work – needs servicing, or worse still, it’s broken down.
The great news is that there is a way through this. The engine can be repaired. You CAN find meaning and fulfilment in the work you do.

In this book, Michael Brown reveals the 10 techniques he has used to help thousands of mid-career workers boost their career mojo. Discover the simple changes you can make to transform your work life. Using real-life stories and examples, he explains in concise and pragmatic terms how to make every day a good day at the office.

“Michael really knows what he’s talking about. This rings so true. Love the writing style – it’s funny and wise and I read the whole thing in one go. Highly recommended.”

“Great book! Definitely recommend it.”

“Years of acquired insights distilled in highly readable self help book. Want to take control of your career? This book is for you. Highly recommended.”

“I opened this book late the night I received delivery and didn’t close until after midnight… and got up at 5:15 to finish it. I have read it cover to cover and it has a strange effect when it connects the reader to the tales and characters interwoven into the text. I lost count of the ‘OMG’ moments, I laughed out loud at the mince pies and sobbed in the epilogue. I have bought extra copies for my Manager and Director as I leave their service in a few days time and Michael’s book describes more eloquently than I could ever say why I have to go. Read it, read it twice, highlight the text and scribble in the margins until it is dog-eared and beaten – but most of all enjoy.”

“….I loved his personal anecdotes and often found myself smiling, thinking “yes, I’ve been there”. It’s easy to read, written in plain English and refreshingly free of business jargon and acronyms. Highly recommended…”

“…Mike offers a ten point plan and real advice to as he puts it, ‘get your career mojo back’. Career progression is too often seen as a steady escalator, but for most people it is not. That is why this book is so important”

“A well written and easy to read book full of examples of where organisations can go wrong and employees forget why they are there. What we can do to get our mojo back in our jobs, Thanks Michael. Its one of those books you put down in an office and it gets picked up in seconds, which then starts some interesting conversations.”

“…Michael’s wisdom and experience as a trainer to over 10,000 people, together with his self deprecation, humour and anecdotes makes this book a fabulous read… “

“I read this book within a couple of days, and found myself in violent agreement with much of the content. The book is like having a personal coach in your pocket, and now that I have read it through I know that I will be revisiting parts of it again and again. I was so taken by the book that I have actually arranged to have a coaching session with Michael to explore my personal profile in more detail, as he has really made me think about a career change.”

“This is good solid practical advice from someone who’s been there and done it. 10 clear steps and lots of amusing anecdotes. Mike doesn’t pull punches, and he says it like it is (or should be!). Top quality advice: a book to dip into on regular basis (like tuning a car!).”

“A highly practical book, full of useful tips and wisdom. Written in an honest, engaging, and witty style. Michael demonstrates knowledge and experience in very human terms. Unlike many “management/ leadership books it is not a heavy read…..even though it raises some very deep questions. Buy it, read it, you will not regret it”


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