Mission: To Manage (ebook)

Marianne Page

Publication date: July 23, 2020

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Master the 7 essential management skills to become the leader your team want to follow.
Why is it that so many managers see the challenge of managing people as Mission Impossible? Is it because people are impossible? Is it because they’re all inherently lazy, or stupid, or out to undermine you?
No. People are full of potential and passion – they want to be engaged in what they’re doing, and valued for doing it well. So how can you tap into this passion and potential to become the leader your team want to follow.
The answer lies in the 7 Essentials that every manager must master to engage their people and build them into a high performing team.
Mission: To Manage challenges the reader to examine their mindset around managing people and to master the skills and strategies essential to success in their new role.
While sharing the theory, Mission: To Manage is all about implementation and action, focused on sharing tips, strategies, worksheets and quick wins that can be put into practice immediately; giving the manager both the strategies and the confidence to become the leader their team want to follow.

This book is a great read for a new manager or someone who wants to be a leader. The book contains practical advice on how to lead and be more effective that can be applied easily. I really enjoyed the section that discussed email organization and how often to meet with you employees. I thought this book was easy to read and I could understand each topic!


“This book provides our managers with the inspiration and tools to get comfortable giving constructive feedback whilst being respected and getting the best out of their teams.
We are now purchasing more copies to hand out to our clients to help them overcome this key challenge in business.
Highly recommend!”


There are so many great takeaways from this book. If you’re looking to develop as a manager you should read this book.


Just purchased this download of Marianne Page’s new book and already, reading the first few pages, I can’t put it down! She is a legend when it comes to management and processes! Highly recommended.


Mission to Manage is the best book I have read on motivating your team. It cuts through the BS to give you practical, persuasive and – like Marianne – always positive advice. I will refer back to it time and again. Thanks Marianne!


The best book for you if your looking to learn how to manage people successfully. Helped me finally get my team to do what I ask even when I’m not there watching them! Finally a holiday with no phone calls!!!
Marianne is amazing, I’d marry her if she’d have me. 5*


Whether you are growing your own business or you’ve been promoted into management from an operational role this book is for you.
Marianne Page has a gift for systematising (is that a word) best practice for managers and businesses.
Her latest book is a go to bible for me … building and expanding on her earlier leasing work on systematising customer experience.
Highly recommended!


Superb – as ever from that author.


As a teacher, moving into an SLT role I wanted to learn how to manage the people I would be in charge of. Although this book has a focus on businesses, it was easy to relate the ideas and information to the world of teaching and it has helped me through my first term. The book made me see things from a different perspective and I particularly liked the real life examples. Thank you Marianne. Such a well written book which is easy to read and more importantly implement.


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