Making Workshops Work (ebook)

Penny Pullan

Publication date: July 12, 2021


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Do you face the challenge of running really effective meetings, facilitated sessions or workshops as part of your role?

Would you like to feel more confident when working with challenging groups or senior participants?

Do you want to deliver lasting results collaboratively, in both face-to-face and virtual environments?

Making Workshops Work takes you from an initial idea or brief, through step-by-step preparation, to an engaging, well-run and effective session, resulting in agreed actions and clear follow up. You’ll feel confident, creative and competent as you deliver great results. Everyone will be committed to their actions afterwards, whether you meet virtually, in-person or mix the two. Penny Pullan is a pioneer of virtual working and one of the world’s leading experts on running effective workshops. Her expertise and candid stories will inspire you at every stage, to ensure that you are fully prepared to make the best use of your own and your participants’ valuable time. Discover:

• A practical step-by-step guide to get the most out of group sessions quickly, whether virtual or in-person

• Memorable case studies, stories and examples to highlight what really works and what doesn’t

• Downloadable tools, templates and checklists to reduce your preparation time and enhance your effectiveness

• Reflective questions and exercises to help you develop your own approach, building on what works for you and adapting what doesn’t, so that each workshop is better than the last.

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