Lynne’s Laws of Leadership

Lynne Burdon

Publication date: September 27, 2018

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Lynne’s Laws have been honed from personal experience of leading a pioneering small law firm.

Lynne Burdon shares stories from her own experience as founder and leader of two successful firms to illustrate the principles of leadership that are essential to create a successful business.

She reveals the practical steps to success: creating a great place to work which will attract and retain the best staff and thus deliver outstanding service to clients.

Work should be meaningful and fun: these principles will show you how to make this true for yourself and your organisation.

“A fantastic, well written book. Very honest and full of top tips for leaders! I couldn’t put it down”

“…I found Lynne’s book enjoyable and easy to understand. The real stories she provides helped me relate to the 20 simple but quite profound rules about how to manage a firm, work well with people and, ultimately, follow your dreams. Highly recommended.”

“There are so many books dealing with this topic, but this one stands out from the others. An easy style to read and full of common sense information that makes you say, “why didn’t I think of that before”.”

“Lynne provides you with an honest account of what it is like to lead successful firms. It takes a lot for someone to step back and frankly appraise not only their successes but also the more difficult times. Lynne does just that, selflessly passing on the knowledge she has acquired over decades. Her passion for her work and mentoring others shines through. I also really liked the layout of the book. Lynne’s style is easy to read and the chapters means it will be easy to re-read a chapter on an area that might be particularly challenging in that moment. The questions she asks at the end of the chapters give real pause for thought and helps build the best ideas for your firm strategically and carefully.”

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