Lifting the Veils of Illusion (ebook)

Narina Riskowitz

Publication date: February 15, 2016

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This book facilitates an all-encompassing journey of personal empowerment and spiritual growth in 7 essential steps. Taking a peek into the subtle realms, sharing ancient wisdom and consulting ground-breaking science, it offers fascinating new insights and readers will experience powerful transformational shifts, emerging from stress and fear to empowerment.

The 7 Steps process is designed to serve as a guide on your path toward your own development, growth and enlightenment. Buddha taught that this world is an illusion. As we awaken and grow in consciousness, we begin to see through the illusions. This book explores the nature of these illusions. With each of the 7 Steps, we will be lifting another veil of illusion. When a veil of illusion is lifted, you will find yourself in a whole new plane of existence, perceiving everything very differently than before. This 7 Steps process is unique in that not only is it informative, interactive and experiential, it is also hugely transformational.

Narina Riskowitz is an experienced Transformational Therapist and Soul Coach. She runs spiritual development courses, embraces energy healing and works holistically with groups and individual clients. She has developed her own healing modality, combining regression journeys with energy healing for complete results.

A firm believer in the mind-body link, most of her work is aimed at releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs and so restore her clients’ natural health and inherent confidence. Her ground-breaking course material resulted in her signature soul coaching tool: Lifting the Veils of Illusion, now captured as this enriching 7 Steps book.

“Narina has such a gift of being able to convey fairly complex concepts quite simply, so that they can be grasped easily, understood and incorporated into daily life. The book really clarifies and brings together a lot of relevant ideas, beliefs and understandings into a very workable whole. What a truly fabulous achievement!”

“Buying this one book will save you a small fortune that you would normally spend on books, courses and workshops in to get such information on self development, healing, meditation, esoteric wisdom and general mental and emotional health to name but a few. Narina explains such complex subjects such as quantum physics and energy work in an accessible way to both newcomer and those further along the spiritual path. I can’t wait to read it again and reinforce the message and put it all into practice.”

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