Lessons Will Be Learned (ebook)

Martin Baker
Mike Glanville

Publication date: May 24, 2021

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The safeguarding and child protection challenges in education have never been more complex, nor the legal duties on schools and colleges more stringent. The criminal and sexual exploitation of children, FGM, radicalisation and online safety are sadly all now part of the remit, as are self-harm and mental health issues. And these safeguarding challenges are found not only in urban communities, but also in leafy suburbs and rural idylls throughout the UK. The responsibility on safeguarding leads in schools, colleges and multi-academy trusts is huge, and Covid-19 (and its inevitable after-effects) has only added to the complexity.
This book sets out how you can transform your safeguarding arrangements, with a strategic framework that will help you and your governing body or MAT board to develop and implement outstanding practice across your whole organisation. It is based on an 8-point strategic safeguarding model that will enable you to anticipate potential problems, deal with concerns more effectively, and build a robust safeguarding culture that is underpinned by a strong network of support, both internally and externally. Ultimately, this approach will support safeguarding leads in their vital role of protecting children; enable senior leaders, governors and trustees to provide appropriate leadership and support for safeguarding; help to improve the effectiveness of multi-agency working; and support educators in their vital work of preparing learners for life.

For anyone working within a school , then this is a must read.
I have been the safeguarding and SEN link governor for my local school for many years. I’ve always thought I did a good job. This book has given me a wealth of ideas. I have a list of questions I will certainly be asking at my next visit.
Not an easy read but something I feel is important if your involved with education . There is a quote the authors make in this book that will stay with me about safeguarding.
“It can make the difference between long-term misery and happiness, harm and safety, even life and death.”
Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this ARC


This book was a very informative and detailed read. It has made me think very seriously about safeguarding in my school and how we can make it even better and more effective. I will be recommending this read to my colleagues and teacher friends.


A must read for those in education or in a position requiring safe guarding. Lots of great insider knowledge.


The bible on safeguarding! I’ve been involved with safeguarding in schools for several years now, but this book has revolutionised how I think about it. I only downloaded it yesterday, but have already read it cover to cover. There are so many useful and thought provoking ideas contained in the book. I can’t wait to share at our next PH meeting.


An eye-opener to the world of safeguarding and child protection! This book was an excellent read, highlighting some of the really critical aspects in education which all leaders in education need to know. Pastoral, wellbeing and safeguarding are topics that should be front and center for every school and college and the authors carefully pick their way through this minefield with skillful storytelling. The anecdotes included are great insights into the lives of school leaders who are on the coalface and deal with child protection issues as part of their everyday. Just a brilliant read which will get you challenging your approach to safeguarding the pupils in your care!


You won’t find a book written by people so knowledgable about their subject area. Absolutely inspiring and will go a long way to helping establishments enhance their safeguarding policies and procedures. Fantastic, will recommend to all educators I meet.


This book is a must for everyone involved in safeguarding

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