Lead Beyond The Edge (ebook)

Frederique Murphy

Publication date: March 29, 2021


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How would you like to lead yourself towards extraordinary results without ever stopping yourself in your tracks?

You are driven, goal-orientated and aspire to more: you are a leader, at work and at home. So, how do you step up to that next level? By getting out of your own way and pushing through your fears and past your comfort zone. But reaching that edge is scary…

In Lead Beyond The Edge, Frederique Murphy provides you with the mind strategies you need to rewire your brain for success. You will know how to overcome any challenges to accomplish anything, anytime, anywhere.

  • Discover scientific strategies to lead transformations from within.
  • Learn by doing more than just reading to enhance your cognitive functions.
  • Access a powerful 12-step framework to fire up your brain on command.

You can lead beyond the edge but only if you know what to do when your brain resists. Thanks to Frederique’s actionable strategies, memorable science and personal stories, experience self-directed neuroplasticity by building this bold path and make your extraordinary happen!

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