Lead Beyond the Edge (ebook)

Frederique Murphy

Publication date: March 30, 2021


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Everything you desire is beyond your comfort zone. So, how will YOU step up and reach your next level? Lead Beyond The Edge provides you with the essential tools – from the ‘I want to do it’ stage to the ‘I did it’ stage, and everything in between, to consistently move forward, confidently stand on the edge and boldly jump over to make it happen.

Discover how to use the power of your mind to rewire your malleable brain for success. Lead Beyond The Edge is an evidence-based approach drawing on three sciences: positive psychology, neuroscience and behaviour change. By applying the framework, you will learn how to create a series of powerful neural pathways to allow your brain to fire up at your command!

Imagine being able to act in spite of fear… Imagine having actionable strategies wired into your brain, to overcome any challenges that arise… Learn how to stop holding yourself back and how to be at your best. Because even when your brain tells you ‘you can’t’, your mind will know what to do.

Being an inspired and equipped leader will impact you in extraordinary ways. It will help you drive powerful practical transformations at work and at home. Not just yourself but your colleagues, your teams, your organisation will feel the impact. It is about optimizing your inner power to maximize your results.

Embark upon your trailblazing journey, transforming beliefs, attitudes and behaviours to create lasting change. Your best moments are on the other side of your fears where the extraordinary happens. It’s time to lead beyond.

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