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Publication date: June 14, 2022


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Have you ever seen a competitor get great headlines and thought, ‘Hey, why wasn’t that us?’ You hear them speaking on the news and know you could have said it better.

Exposure! empowers you to make your business a go-to authority for journalists. Find out:

  • How journalists work and think, the sources and stories they are looking for;
  • How to make your business irresistible to journalists;
  • The end-to-end process of getting media coverage, demystified;
  • How to recruit the right talent and agency skills.

With an invaluable media relations toolkit containing templates, scripts and cheat sheets, Exposure! shows you exactly how to embed media relations into your business for transformational results.

As an award-winning BBC News and Panorama journalist, Felicity Cowie was pitched at least 100,000 stories so has an insider’s view on what breaks through and why. As a media relations consultant and trainer for some of the world’s leading organisations (including the NHS, UCAS, and Virgin), she has successfully pitched, and coached others to pitch, stories resulting in thousands of pieces of media coverage.

Now she’s making those insider secrets available to YOU …

A must-read for founders everywhere and in every sector. This is truly a game-changing guide for any founder seeking to get ROI from media coverage, and I’ll be recommending it for years to come.Eileen Burbidge MBE

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