Exploding Turkeys and Spare Trousers

Ken Pasternak

Publication date: July 6, 2021


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Tales from the ‘Indiana Jones of Cultural Adventures’…

From New York to Beijing, Paris to Juba, Moscow to Mexico City, Ken Pasternak’s distinguished career as a banker, management consultant, executive educator, author and keynote speaker has provided a wealth of experience with people and organizations internationally. In this book he shares some of the most memorable stories from his wide-ranging travels and his many encounters with celebrities, and draws out truths that still apply today in both life and business.

From leadership to life skills, culture to kindness, these are stories that will make you laugh and make you think, and might just change your perspective on life.

Travels and Aphorisms. This is one of those quick, read any way you want type books that you can read straight through or you can read a short chapter in a few hurried minutes, in any order you want. Those familiar with Christian daily devotional books will recognize the overall format, though this is a purely secular book based on Pasternak’s near 50 years of travelling all over the globe as a high level corporate businessman. Filled with short yet interesting stories, many of them apparently already shared on his LinkedIn page in nearly the same (200 ish word) length, this is a great book for someone looking for a light read or a businessman looking for a business-oriented read with some solid truths in that space. Very much recommended.


Fun and enjoyable read. Beware this is not a business or investing book but a memoir of the author’s life experience that was fun, unusual and memorable. After each small story there is a lesson learned that was informative and at times interesting. I enjoyed traveling to all the interesting places the author has been and experience some the most memorable moments especially the F1 stories.


This work is a series of short notes and stories, each of which is no longer than a single page, about various events in the author’s life and what he has taken away from the experience described. Think a format similar to Aesop’s Fables.

This was a quick read for me. Each story was well-written and concise. This work would make an excellent gift book, or perhaps a restroom reader.


Love this book for its comfortable conversation, the feeling of the author’s presence. It is easy to read and plenty to learn. Simple stories with simple conclusions that drive you through the wisdom of the author aka coaching you through storytelling.


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