Executive Presentations

Jacqui Harper

Publication date: October 19, 2018

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This book equips executives to give compelling and clear presentations: the kind of presentations that drive corporate change and innovation AND make reputations. And it’s all down to presence.

Presence works at three levels – what you say, how you use your body, and your mindset.
Level 1: Discover how to transform ideas and business messages with a simple 5-step tool.
Level 2: Learn how to leverage your physical presence when speaking, including your style, body language and vocal presence.
Level 3: Speak with confidence and resilience by developing your mindset, with four powerful tools to transform the way you think as you prepare to present.
Jacqui Harper writes in a warm, authoritative style. Her rich blend of tools, tips and expert advice will help you become a consistently outstanding communicator.

“Jacqui’s writing style is almost like having her there next to you, talking with you, coaching, you and encouraging you to take the next step into building the most incredible presentations. Her effective yet simple use of BLAB and BRIBE have changed the lives of so many presenters and it is clear from her stories she has worked with the best. Forget the lavish workshops and put your worries to one side and read this book – you will be captured by her examples. Having worked with Jacquis her book is totally congruent – ‘she says what she does’ and it works.” Cheryl Winter

“I’d really recommend this book, whether you’re new to giving presentations or you’re looking to refresh and renew your existing techniques. Jacqui really knows her subject, and her advice is structured around the three inter-related topics of words, body and mind. I found it really practical and helpful.” Clare Painter

“I loved this book because it is relevant, practical, innovative and easy to read. I enjoy making presentations but have probably not done myself justice in the past, or had the most impact, because I was missing some key insights. As a former TV presenter, Jacqui has put her training and knowledge and charisma into this book so all of us can benefit and I am sure I will have more impact if I put Jacqui’s insights into practice. I am not alone in finding this type of resource invaluable. I was reading it on my commute and sitting opposite a woman on her way to make a presentation. She was sketching out a spider diagram and caught sight of Jacqui’s book which contains a similar diagram and tips on how to use it. She was so impressed she took a photo of the book on the phone before heading off to address several 100 people. This is a really good book and I thoroughly recommend it.” Merrill

“Writing a book is an act of selflessness. As well as the sacrifice, hours and thought put into the process, the author allows the reader to gain a unique insight into their hard-won wisdom and experience simply from reading it. Jacqui embodies this idea wonderfully with this book. In her direct, clear style, she shares powerful and effective advice sure to help you take your speaking to the next level. Many books of this kind can alienate the reader due to complex concepts and language; Jacqui simplifies concepts into memorable patterns, such as the BRIBE model, neatly packaging them for application into your next presentation. Simply a must-read – one of the leading books I have read in this field.” Simon Day

“Very useful book for anyone who needs to speak or give presentations in a professional capacity, covering the three crucial aspects of words, body and mind. It’s very practical and Jacqui’s years of experience shines through the words.” Dr P Pullan


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