Don’t Fix Women (ebook)

Joy Burnford

Publication date: November 14, 2022

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Business Book Awards 2023 Finalist

‘Read this and be the change that’s needed’ Prof Helen Pankhurst CBE

‘Here, at last, is a book that aims to change the narrative and fix the system. Every boss should have a copy.’ Kate Bassett, Financial Times

‘Joy clearly articulates the benefits of diversity and the systemic reasons it has proven elusive, but this book’s power lies in its tangible and practical solutions.’ Nathan Coe, CEO, Auto Trader Group Plc

Struggling to find ways to retain and reward women and meet your diversity targets?
Wondering why your female-led diversity initiatives are not working?

Don’t Fix Women reveals how achieving gender balance at work isn’t about ‘fixing’ the women, it’s about changing the system. Packed with simple, practical recommendations, this book provides a route-map to improve gender equality in your organization, develop a truly diverse, modern leadership culture, and reap the rewards that this brings.
Be informed: Learn from over 100 senior business leaders and CEOs about what they are doing to accelerate progress towards gender equality.
Be ahead of the game: Access research data, new tools and frameworks for your leadership kitbag.
Be the change: Discover practical actions to help you make change happen in your organization today.

As a ‘curator of confidence’, and with over 70 articles published on, Joy Burnford has inspired thousands of women across the globe to find their confidence. But this is only one side of the equation. Her research makes it clear that making women more confident isn’t enough: we also need to change the organizations they work for to clear the path for true gender equality.

This book is a must-read for any leader wanting to achieve gender equality in the workplace. If you plan to lead a company or organization, this book is for you… Here, Joy Burnford offers some practical & insightful advice that could ultimately benefit everyone, not just women. With the frameworks Burnford has suggested, leaders can make small yet meaningful changes.


With expert advice, top tips, case studies and many practical tools, this book has everything an organisation needs to help more women stay and progress to the top. It’s well-written, clearly structured and very accessible. Essential reading for leaders and D&I champions everywhere.


This book is exactly what it says it is: a very practical guide to the structural issues in workplaces and society that have blocked women’s progress and a toolkit with ideas for fixing them.

Financial Times

Accessible, clear and engaging…a how-to guide for fixing systems so that the best talent is retained and rewarded, and everyone benefits. A must read!


Compelling insights and wise advice. The book is loaded with a bunch of common sense, accessible ideas for improving the world of work.


…a great practical, easy to read book, full of frameworks and suggestions for small changes that can all have a big impact – all aimed ultimately at truly creating the best dynamic for every human working in an organisation. Just get it, give it to your boss, your HR department and get started.


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