Closing the Influence Gap (ebook)

Carla Miller

Publication date: September 19, 2022

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** Business Book Awards 2023 Finalist **

Women leaders across the globe are experiencing the influence gap. They struggle to get their voice heard in meetings. They can’t get a seat at the table for the decisions that matter. It’s a systemic problem, not a problem with women.
It’s no wonder so many talented women experience imposter syndrome!

Closing the Influence Gap empowers women leaders to successfully navigate the workplace, leading their way and changing it for the better. It is a reference tool packed with practical strategies and a troubleshooting section which women can draw on daily to tackle the challenging conversations, decisions and situations they face.

It shows women how they can believe in themselves in challenging situations, helps them to get the recognition they deserve as leaders and provides them with the influencing skills they need to get their voices heard and increase their impact.

Carla Miller is a leadership coach and chart-topping podcast host who works with women in management and leadership roles to develop their careers and their confidence. Hundreds of women leaders from global companies, the public sector and charities have taken part in her Influence & Impact programme.

This guide offers invaluable advice and practical tools to support you as you navigate a working culture designed for men, by men. Carla generously shares her experience and coaching tips – a book I will be keeping close by my side and dipping into regularly I’m sure!


This is a great book for women who want to be heard, want to influence and who want to get on with leading without having to resort to more ‘male’ behaviours to do so….I really wish this book existed some years back…


This book is a must read for women leaders! It is jam packed with practical strategies and troubleshooting ideas that women, as leaders, can use on a daily basis to help with challenges they face in the workplace, decision making, improving your influencing skills and to help build confidence. This books has been written from the heart and Carla’s own leadership experience and passion to make an impact shines through.


I appreciated this realistic approach to guidance for female leaders in the workplace, especially those who are newly promoted or just starting their journey in management. I found the advice and point of view to be realistic, but not patronizing.


Carla Miller leads us through how to handle imposter syndrome and how to overcome it. How to increase your impact in the workplace. Have your ideas heard in meetings and get the recognition you deserve. With strategies, tips, and troubleshooting all in one book tackling each scenario. With stories of the women leaders, Carla Miller has helped and put into practice the advice received.


Reassuring, interesting and helped me secure a job promotion.
Carla’s book was an easy read, filled with examples and each chapter was well structured. It gave me confidence, reassured me and helped me believe in myself!


This book is for any female leader who is struggling to hold her own. It is grounded in reality and has practical tips on how to manage the challenges that women face at work on a daily basis… No complex theories, or tricky small print to navigate, instead practical, actionable and effective advice.


Miller’s practical and comprehensive guide… will undoubtably be the book that many ambitious female leaders wished they had read at the start of their careers.

People Management

This book shares some incredibly practical advice that I think most people can implement relatively easily to help progress their careers.
Great read, not preachy in any way as I have found some leadership books, and one I’ve recommended to others.


The hard-hitting introduction of this book perfectly summarises the harm that the Influence Gap is having, not only to women in the workplace but on organisations globally. And it’s this challenge of gender inequality that the author aims to help women to navigate through this practical and punchy guide

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