Brand Tuned (ebook)

Shireen Smith

Publication date: September 27, 2021

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A brand is more than a snazzy logo – but what else is there to consider when building a brand? Do you really need a brand for business success? And what has intellectual property got to do with anything?

A strong, authentic brand is what makes your business stand out from the crowd – and what drives long term success. But the branding industry can be an overwhelming minefield, full of conflicting advice and multiple disciplines – so how do you navigate your way through the process? That’s where Brand Tuned comes in. With the step-by-step TUNED methodology, you will:

• define your brand to drive the business forward and help it stand out

• know what brand promise will attract your ideal client

• pick a name that will put you “front of mind”

• ensure that the design elements you choose are distinctive and ‘ownable’

• train your team to live the brand.

Drawing from evidence-based research, interviews with experts, and years of experience supporting businesses, Brand Tuned is the first branding guide written by an intellectual property lawyer who specialises in trademarks and brands. By incorporating the principles of intellectual property law right from the start of the process, branding expert Shireen Smith will show you how to create and build the brand that is right for you and your business – while avoiding the potential pitfalls.

Shireen Smith is an intellectual property lawyer specialising in trademarks and brands, with years of experience in marketing small businesses. Her TUNED framework is designed to guide you to create a brand that attracts sales for the long term.

As someone dipping my pinkie toe into branding, marketing, and digital art, I found this book incredibly helpful. Her fresh perspective coming from a law background was instrumental in steering me on the right path with my business and I highly recommend anyone considering a path in branding or IP to pick this book up! It’s a quick, informative read!


This book is essential reading for all entrepreneurs who want to build and protect brands for long term profit and market share. It’s worth reading this before you even think about naming a product or designing a logo. If you happen to design brands for a living, this book will also give you an edge in being able to create and protect the assets you create for your clients.


Well organized and perfectly written, Brand Tuned is a bedside book for any entrepreneur who takes their business journey seriously. It approaches branding as a strategy to help you to start your brand journey one step ahead. From its cleverly structured methodology to well-presented research, this book will surely become a guide for businesses of any size.


Anyone involved with setting up or growing a business will benefit enormously from the insight provided by this book into the world of branding. All aspects are thoroughly covered in a way which is both enjoyably readable and positively instructive.


A convenient 1-stop-shop that gives the whole picture on how to create and build a distinctive brand, while avoiding potential pitfalls. It’s so much better to do the important things *right* from the start than to have to fix afterwards the mess that could have been easily avoided in the first place!


This is a really informative book that has clearly been very well researched. I particularly liked how the book aims to cut through the myths and jargon around branding and gives advice on creating and protecting brands in a way that is really clear and easy to understand.


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