Brand Therapy

Brian Smith

Publication date: January 25, 2018

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The pharma and medtech sectors are evolving rapidly, driven by science, technology, economics, politics and globalization. In the new industry landscape, creating strong brand strategies is ever more difficult and ever more vital.
Brand Therapy gives pharma and medtech brand teams the tools to understand their market, create strong strategies and translate them into actionable plans. Written in 16 short, easy chapters, it is essential reading for anyone who works in or with brand teams in the life sciences industry.

‘Catchy title but what a difference in the content in comparison to other blockbuster marketing books. The topic is covered in a systematic, yet not rigid way. Each section is clearly explained and backed by robust academic reference (the strength of the author), without jargon and with concrete examples. I am sure even the most seasoned marketing professional will find a step they’re missing and something to change to improve their practice. An excellent and sound guide for the more junior practitioners. An opportunity to learn from the best firms in the industry, as the author is using his many years of observations to feed into each section.’ A. M Leclerc-Chalvet

‘By reading this book, you can instantly see that every marketer should use these winning techniques if s/he works in the pharma and medtech industry in order to excel.

It is also an amazing resource for marketing leaders to up-skill their team’s capabilities in focused and strategic brand strategy. The excellent understanding of the industry challenges along with an overview of the macro-factors give the reader not just an additional confidence when planning long-term business strategies but also a unique readiness to act upon these techniques and immediately apply.

This book makes not only the marketing strategy to be put at the core of any pharmaceutical and medtech company’s operations but more importantly highlights the strategic importance of marketing itself. There are no other books in the whole market and I am still impressed with the paucity of specific pharma and medtech-focused marketing literature.

This book allows marketers drum up their strategic thinking from the world’s authority on the evolution of the pharma industries whilst offering support for top-level marketing planning. I am sure that even strategic leaders would be astounded by the level of detail in setting out a bespoke strategy in our VUCA world.

As Professor Brian Smith is not only a leading academic but also a former executive, he challenges common sense, defies long-standing cliches still led by the industry and invites the reader to enhance his/her pragmatism in a to-date pharmaceutical and medtech context. There is no detached academic waffle but handy advice that can be useful for years to come.

Furthermore, he wants the reader to see the variety of immediately applicable techniques that can facilitate the marketer’s workload tremendously and simplify the brand strategy design process.

Exactly because he has already specialised himself on a deep understanding of all business models developed within the pharma business, he is turbocharging your planning and implementatiion capabilities on how the brand strategy can form a differential, sustainable and competitive advantage.

Also a fascinating book to read as the author cuts through the clutter and gives you a simple but accurate compass to navigate through complexity and ambiguity.’ G. S.

“A practical guide to developing brand strategies within MedTech. I found this totally relevant and applicable to our industry with nice examples and great tips for brand leaders when it comes to application. The modular approach means it’s a flexible Go To for numerous tools and techniques whatever therapy your brand needs. I highly recommend.” Karen Hand

“Specifically written for those of us involved in MedDev or Pharma marketing, Brian combines an academic framework and great, practical “hints and tips” into an approachable and actionable handbook for practitioners. Congratulations on the first, targeted textbook for MedDev that I am genuinely happy to endorse.” Paul Murphy

“Brand Therapy is an essential addition to any pharma marketer’s reading, Brian has successfully incorporated the most relevant academic theories with the daily challenges faced by the practising marketer. It is not often that you can pick up a management book and instantly feel it is written for you, the job you do every day, the challenges you face and how to overcome these as a pharma marketer. Brand Therapy is a treasure chest of marketing tools and advice which will help pressure test any brand planning process, it’s a pleasure to highly recommend this book.” Stephen Griffiths

“I would highly recommend for brand leads working in pharma!! Clearly structured chapters, with easy to digest content -great to refer back to – which I do regularly!” G Glover

“Clearly and concisely written enabling practical application.” Miss J M McDonald

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