Big Teams (ebook)

Tony Llewellyn

Publication date: March 26, 2020

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This is a book about working with large teams of people. Whether your team involves 30 people or 3,000, the organizational dynamics are significantly different for a project manager used to dealing with smaller teams. As the project scales up in size and complexity, the processes and skills required change. As project leader, your focus moves from the technical aspects of project delivery to enabling, facilitating and integrating the different sub teams into a cohesive whole.
Big Teams examines the research on team dynamics and the latest thinking on leadership in a project or program environment. It features stories and case studies based on interviews with project leaders from a range of major projects and programs.

Structured around three core themes – Alignment, Engagement, and Resilience – it gives you invaluable, practical guidance on setting up and running an effective team of teams.
As with all Tony Llewellyn’s books, Big Teams is written in an accessible style with the focus on real-world application, but the academic underpinning is rigorous and will be a useful reference for any student studying project leadership.

This book is extraordinary easy to read, and at the same time, an absolute precious gemstone. A mix of working experience, case studies, quotes form authors, it is cleverly explaining the way big teams can perform. I worked very hard for 9 months to produce 100 pages on teams and conflicts for my MBA, so the subject is close to my heart. I am going to recommend this book to my students, some of them are project managers, working in global companies, I am sure they will be keen to benefit from the clever explanantions and guidelines of the book.

Thank you to the author and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are mine.


The environment of 21st century large projects is ever more complex requiring multiple ownership of leadership. This very readable, honestly written and excellently researched book takes the reader on an engaging journey into the professional discipline of managing uncertainty on large projects. With the emerging new order following the coronavirus pandemic this is a book for our time!

A really helpful book for those who work with big teams! So far, I haven’t found any good books on this topic, so I’m all the happier that there is now finally a book that has very practical tips in stock!

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