Because I Can

Tim Bradshaw

Publication date: April 19, 2022

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From special duties selection to an earthquake on the side of Mount Everest, from a gunfight in Afghanistan to a year of endurance challenges, Tim Bradshaw has had to develop a robust toolkit and mindset to enable him to overcome serious challenges in hostile circumstances.

What’s remarkable is that he achieved these feats in the face of imposter syndrome and depression. Tim’s mantra is ‘Because I can’, because whatever you’re facing, you can do so much more than you think. This is a toolkit to help you take on any challenge. Whether you’re making an attempt on Everest or taking the next big career step this toolkit will make you more effective.

Tim attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst aged just 19. His first job was to lead 37 soldiers. Since then, he has served as a surveillance and target acquisition patrol soldier and covert human intelligence officer. In 2015 he attempted to climb Mount Everest to persuade mental health sufferers to ask for help. After a year of physical endurance challenges, he is now a Director of Sandstone Communications, an international leadership and team building consultancy.

This was a surprisingly quick read…and yet, for being so “quick,” it really packed a punch!

I loved the concepts of mapping out what-ifs in advance (with the caveat that it can all be shot “when things get real”)…We often reserve the retrospective for events that didn’t happen as expected, and…why is that? Seems like we could stand to study the events that go well so we can score more of them!

Developing a toolkit also intrigued me, with its emphasis on skillsets and use cases for outcome achievement (focusing more on the outcome and less on the process used to get there).

And, of course, the covid pandemic had to make an appearance. Bradshaw’s company had focused on in-person, face-to-face training and events–so they had quite the opportunity to pivot, and quickly, when the world shut down in March 2020. Talk about putting the lessons he writes about here to good use, and to the test. The fact they succeeded is a testament that they work!


I loved the simplicity of this book. Tim writes so well, as if you are chatting to him in a bar! There are so many practical tips, really useful ways to help yourself and your team to improve performance.


Tim shares his really powerful stories to illustrate how we can learn to do so much more than we think we’re capable of faced with all kinds of adversity. Full of tips, examples and inspiration that can be applied to almost any challenge that we could face. A great read!


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