Attractive Thinking

Chris Radford


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Forget everything you’ve been told about maximizing Lifetime Customer Value. 

To take your business to the next level, you need a brand strategy that’s focused on attracting new customers, not exploiting existing ones.

 In this transparent digital age, smart business leaders know that profitable growth comes from helping customers, not exploiting them. Attractive Thinking sets out a ground-breaking methodology, developed during 30 years’ experience transforming brands for Pepsi, Mars, Miracle Gro and many high-end service businesses, to achieve exactly that.

 Discover the five key questions you must answer to create a better brand strategy and the tools to deliver it: clarity on what matters to customers; products and services that customers love; marketing that attracts them; and a team that is committed to delivering it.

 Attractive Thinking is a practical handbook for CEOs, managing directors and marketers who want to make the big-brand techniques work for them.

Engaging and easy to read book about building strong brand with a customer in mind. Attractive Thinking is about providing something that is just what the customer needs at that time. The art of doing this by answering five simple questions is described in the book. Although the questions are pretty simple, the way your business answers them determines future success in this competitive world.


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