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Publication date: October 6, 2020

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Discover how to reclaim your ability to make intentional decisions about where to place your time and attention, to improve your creativity, happiness, and success.

And yet, another book about not being distracted so you can focus (which, really, is just a distraction!).
It’s a good book though. If you need some motivation, if you feel overwhelmed, it’s an easy read with some good to great tips.


Right book at the right time as far as I am concerned. I started this book with an intention to understand how to live a balanced human life in Today’s seemingly never ending age of information overload. And yet I ended up with more than I set out for – I got some pragmatic and valuable tips on how to discipline myself to achieve my daily personal & professional goals without getting distracted. I have already put the planning and review techniques in play as I write this review. I urge others to give it a go Persevere with the Rob’s methods and I am sure you will start to feel the difference. I have a feeling I will see the difference.


We live in the world full of distractions and things, circumstances and business that demand our attention. How can we focus to make correct and weighted desicions? This book provides some tips.


A good book for anyone who has not read anything on this subject before. It is well written and easy to read and digest…


Some interesting ideas which I am trying out. Thank you Rob for writing this. Lots of acronyms make it hard to keep up with at times, but overall a quick and interesting read.


“Thank you, Rob. This book is going to stay on my desk AND I got a copy for my iPad. I plan on revisiting it regularly. It will be like having my own business and life coach in my pocket!”

I have some really cool friends. Some are experts who write great books. This is one of those friends, experts and books. In his new book, “Attention!: The power of simple decisions in a distracted world,” Rob Hatch reminds all of us just how important time and attention are in today’s world. He sets out a powerful framework and flexible approach that gives you the space to focus your attention on what is important, the power to make decisions aligned with your goals, and the ability to take action with confidence. Get Rob’s book today!

I didn’t expect that this book would really apply to me. Its purpose is to help folks with real jobs and kids and family obligations to manage their work in a world full of distractions. I’m a writer with grown kids and no boss or employees so I didn’t figure I need all that much help managing by work. But I was wrong. I found at least half-dozen ideas I could use to much more effectively manage my work day. I suspect people with real jobs will find it invaluable, especially in today’s lockdown work-from-home environment. It’s concise, practical and a very well-written. A great value. Highly recommended.

A healthy reminder of what most of us know we should be doing in the first place.


I began applying concepts from Attention! today and had one of my most productive days in months. Wow – it is going to take some practice to break and build some of these habits but you have provided the road map to get it done. I have been a bit lost recently with my work- thanks for providing me the navigation to get back on track.


Rob Hatch is great at spelling out why and how to keep yourself focused on what is important to you. He teaches how to “put success in your way” to accomplish what is really important to you. I highly recommend Attention! if you want to take control of your days and put your energy into your priorities, not everyone else’s.


A brilliant author!


Rob completely nails it when it comes to the study of Attention. Lots of valuable nuggets of wisdom falling out of these pages 🙂


Good book, simple read but very relatable.


I’ve followed Rob for more than a few years now, and his book does a great job distilling the info he’s shared in his emails and webinars. He lays out some simple steps for keeping on track with anything you want to accomplish. He writes with a clear voice that is engaging as well as instructive. Thanks, Rob!


This was a great read filled with useful information on being more organized, putting success in your way, and being less distracted by all of our devices. This book should be required reading by all freshmen in high school and reread often to keep on track of your life. Rob Hatch has a way of teaching and providing information that is enjoyable and easy to relate to. Many times i felt that he wrote the book just for me! Attention! grabs your attention and keeps it throughout the book. Pick up a copy now and i hear its coming out on audiobook read by the author soon.


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