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Quest for a Friend

Judy Hayman and illustrated by Caroline Wolfe-Murray

Size: 203 × 127 mm / 8 × 5 in128 PagesISBN: 9781910056158
Publication: July 16, 2014Series: Dragon Tales 2


  • £5.99

“Everyone knows dragons don’t exist...”
Along with their new cave in the Scottish Highlands, young dragons Emily and Tom have found a kindly protector in the mountain giant Ben McIlwhinnie. But Emily still longs for a friend. Her search brings Desmond, a wild and colourful traveller, who takes the family on an adventurous journey.
Along the way Emily gets her wish, Tom gets a fright and finds a hero, and there are plenty of surprises in store for all the family. (Whoever expected elephants...?)
This is the second of the Dragon Tales Chronicles.

Praise for Dragon Tales I: Quest for a Cave (Amazon reviews):

‘If you like stories of adventure, dragons and something a bit different, this is the book for you!’

‘A great children's story with lots of interest and plots to keep you guessing. Lovely illustrations enhance the story. Looking forward to the next book.’

‘Truly delightful… a charming read for any age.’

Format: Paperback

Size: 203 × 127 mm / 8 × 5 in

128 Pages

ISBN: 9781910056158

Publication: July 16, 2014

Series: Dragon Tales 2

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