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The Journey Inside

Coaching to the Core

Veronica Munro and contributions by Richard Haggerty, Shirley Attenborough, Dan Newby, David Ross, and Aidan Tod

Coaching leaders at the top of their game demands new and powerful approaches that are proven accelerators in transforming the results leaders achieve at the highest levels.

 In this pragmatic book, each expert contributor shares new models and practices ready for coaches and leaders to put into practice and give their practice a real edge.

Size: 229 × 152 × 16 mm / 9 × 6 × 0.6875 in288 PagesISBN: 9781788601146
Publication: November 14, 2019


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Leaders and organisations at the top of their game seek coaches who work at the top of theirs. They value experts with proven track records, who can give them a decisive edge, and enable them to conquer the most seemingly intransigent obstacles, which enable them to transform who they are as well as the people around them.

 This book takes you on a series of inspiring journeys deep within yourself, and within your coaching clients. Each contributor shares hard-won secrets, models and practices that are proven accelerators to transform the results any coach (or leader who needs to influence others) can achieve at the highest levels within organisations, teams and society: results that are sustainable and put you, and your clients, at the top of their game.

This is a pragmatic, practical book for coaches and leaders. A select group of international executive coaches who support leaders to transform their businesses, lives and relationships reveal some of their most advanced coaching models and strategies.

 Each contributor has a particular expertise that they share. Areas include: Coaching Emotions, Using Transactional Analysis to Coach, Physical Metaphors, Advanced Listening, Values, Ways of Being, NLP in Coaching, Deep Reframing and more.

Veronica Munro is an International Executive and Leadership Coach and Business Performance Facilitator and Strategic Business Advisor with over 20 years’ experience and responsibility for coaching and facilitating specifically CEOs, senior executives and their teams in over 30 countries within Africa, Asia, Middle East, Pakistan, Europe and North Americas. She has a wide range of coaching, C-suite facilitation and leadership development expertise together with a strong background in interpersonal psychology and is certified to use a range of psychometric and leadership tools. She has a track record of outstanding delivery, strategic and operational experience, and organisational effectiveness with foundations firmly within business organisations. Veronica spent 8 years as Head of Leadership Effectiveness (West) in Standard Chartered Bank as their Senior Leadership Coach/Facilitator within the organisation. Recently based in Dubai supporting Global, Regional and Country leaders in growing their businesses and supporting delivery of their revenue targets, she is now back in the UK and heads up LEADING MINDS Ltd, working with a range of global organisations across UK, Europe, MEPA and Africa.

Format: Paperback

Size: 229 × 152 × 16 mm / 9 × 6 × 0.6875 in

288 Pages


Copyright: © 2019

ISBN: 9781788601146

Publication: November 14, 2019

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