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Men… Let’s Talk Menopause

What’s going on and what you can do about it

Ruth Devlin

A comprehensive guide for men to help them understand the female menopause. Packed with evidence-based information but easy to read and with a touch of humour, it is the essential go-to book for men trying to work out what’s going on. (PS Women will find it useful too!)

Size: 198 × 129 × 8 mm / 7.81 × 5.06 × 0.375 in104 PagesISBN: 9781788600804
Publication: April 25, 2019

B format paperback

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A comprehensive guide to the female menopause, written for men to help them understand this often perplexing topic. It addresses all the important aspects of the menopause, including the physical, psychological, genito-urinary and long term symptoms that can occur. It gives essential information on options available to cope with those symptoms plus good advice for men (and women!) on practical lifestyle choices. Short and easy to dip in and out of, with humorous illustrations and practical tips for what you can do (and what NOT to say), this is your essential handbook for surviving the change in YOUR life.

As a trained nurse, Ruth Devlin was astonished that when she found herself facing a multitude of perimenopausal symptoms in her mid forties, there was so little information available and so many contradictions between the various health care professionals. Her response was to set up Let’s Talk Menopause, with the objective of raising awareness about the menopause, demystifying it and, most importantly, providing easy access to sound information and support. Ruth gives regular workshops on the menopause and is a regular contributor speaking about the issue on national TV and radio.

'My husband and I had just been talking about the menopause so I thought this would be interesting for us. I found it full of information, explained in a straightforward way. I will definitely pass it on to my husband as I think the information will be of use to him in understanding the menopause.'
- Waterstones bookseller, NetGalley

Format: B format paperback

Size: 198 × 129 × 8 mm / 7.81 × 5.06 × 0.375 in

104 Pages

B&W line drawings

Copyright: © 2019

ISBN: 9781788600804

Publication: April 25, 2019

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