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Network Better

How to meet, connect & grow your business

Jeremy Marchant

A practical guide to business networking: how to conquer any fears you have about it, how to do it better, and how to stop tripping yourself up.

Size: 216 × 140 × 18 mm / 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.75 in248 PagesISBN: 9781788600514
Publication: October 31, 2018


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Most books and presentations on networking stick to its behavioural aspects. This approach is necessary but not sufficient. Successful networking is about the successful initiation and nurturing of relationships with other business people, which requires emotional intelligence and an understanding of how to apply it in order to sustain networking relationships.

When networking is not going well (or at all), many businesspeople’s response is ‘OK, I’m doing what you told me. How come it isn’t working?’ The answer is that people don’t so much need behavioural tips (though these are always useful and are included in this book), they need to understand why they are getting in their own way, and how to move aside.

On the whole, people don’t successfully change their behaviour without understanding why they should. Network Better provides the necessary insight into what’s going on as well as many practical, tried-and-tested suggestions and encouragements to enable you to do just that.

Jeremy Marchant is the founder of emotional intelligence at work, a coaching and training practice focused on business performance and transformation. After 10 years with Marks and Spencer as a business analyst and manager in the IT division and in the company’s Finance group, he spent 15 years as a business consultant working with a wide range of clients, including the BBC, Hewlett-Packard, Boots, Harrods and many others, helping clients identify and define the functionality of their major IT developments. He is an associate of, and facilitator/mentor with, Akonia, a London-based training company which offers the GradStart programme of business and soft skills development for undergraduates and for graduate recruits. Trained in the application of emotional intelligence and psychology and in business coaching (with Shirlaws), he takes an integrative approach grounded in experience, putting business issues in an emotional intelligence context. He is also a successful composer, arranger and music journalist.

Format: Paperback

Size: 216 × 140 × 18 mm / 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.75 in

248 Pages

Copyright: © 2018

ISBN: 9781788600514

Publication: October 31, 2018

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