Three Peaks Leadership – 2nd edition (ebook)

Philip Levinson

Publication date: October 30, 2023

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When you become the final decision maker, everything changes

We all know that it’s tough at the top. But nothing, nothing can quite prepare you for becoming CEO. Even with the best CV and experience in the world, you can still be taken aback by the unexpected and unfamiliar landscape, the demands on your time, the need to make decisions with incomplete information, the sheer weight of new professional relationships.

Philip Levinson has been there and done that, and in Three Peaks Leadership he offers a unique route map for that journey. It’s a hands-on guide, a framework of strategies, tools and techniques that will inform the rest of your long and successful career at the top.

This expanded edition includes new material from renowned transformational leadership coach, Danny Martin, helping you to new levels of self-awareness, and equipping you with the tools necessary to deal with the complexities of interpersonal relationships.

You may be in the foothills, or you may already be scaling your first CEO peak, but understanding that those peaks are there to be respected, climbed and conquered every time you take the top job is the first step to career success and fulfilment. Three Peaks Leadership will show you the way.

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