The Gloves-Off Mentor (ebook)

Liam Black

Publication date: January 9, 2023


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You haven’t got time for wishful thinking when you’re changing the world.

If you’re a leader who wants to get things done in a way that makes the world a better place, you need someone in your corner. Liam Black has been supporting social entrepreneurs and purpose-driven leaders for decades, and he understands what it takes to do work that goes beyond the bottom line – and what it can take out of you, too.

In this no-bullshit, woo-woo-free book, he reveals how to align purpose and leadership, how to deal with uncertainty, imposter syndrome, anxiety and loneliness along the way, how to exercise authority (even in the face of endemic sexism), and when it’s right to walk away.

Liam Black has created and led over a dozen businesses in the social enterprise and private sectors, has invested millions of pounds in purpose-driven businesses and has mentored start-up entrepreneurs and senior leaders in all sectors, including Dyson, the BBC, Jaguar Land Rover, The Guardian and the Eden Project.

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