Start. Scale. Sell.

Nick Suckley

Publication date: July 30, 2020

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Whatever you’re going through with your business, and whatever stage you’re at, this book can help. Entrepreneur Nick Suckley has built four start-ups and managed three exits over the last 20 years, through good and bad economic times and all the ups and downs, the challenges and joys, of being your own boss.

He’s distilled his many years’ experience – good and bad – into these 75 life-lessons for starting, growing and selling companies.

Start. Scale. Sell.will help you navigate your journey as a business owner.

· the importance of acting like an entrepreneur – even before you take the plunge;

· the simple Golden Rule for maximising profits

· why investing in yourself and your own learning is so crucial

· how to hustle and when to pivot

· the secrets to building a strong brand

and much more.

These bite-sized lessons offer accessible, no-nonsense advice for even the most time-poor entrepreneur. It’s a blueprint for business success from an author who has been there, done it and has several T-shirts to prove it.

Nick Suckley is a successful serial entrepreneur with the battle scars to prove it. Now you can take advantage of the lessons he learnt the hard way.

Engaging and well structured story. I have learned some interesting tips to apply. Overall this is a very good guide for those building a business and potential putfalls. Thanks to the author!


Nick puts out a great and easy to read book. Some great useful tips/tricks as you read the 75 quick hits…


Very much enjoyed turning the pages on this one – a succinct and (very!) honest dose of reality for those who with plans to build, or be part of building, a business. The book cites 75 lessons, but you’re left feeling like you’ve taken that little bit extra away too – the way the author humanises the journey through anecdotes is relatable, and leaves you thinking that you’ve been on the journey too. A particularly engaging writing style.
A must read, and I hope that there will be another release soon (?)!

Great insight from someone who’s launched, scaled and sold businesses. Simple and practical steps built out as lessons from a mentor. Enjoyed it and inspired by it…

As a business owner looking to scale, I really appreciated the practical step by step guide this book provides, with each key lesson clearly broken down and explained. It’s made me think about my leadership and mindset and I’ll certainly be putting many of the tips and key takeouts into practice.

Building a business is hard work. Nicks experience and clear walk through of how to do that successfully is worth this books weight in gold!

Fantastic book. Lots of great suggestions. Very easy to read. I have a start up and there was lots of head-nodding in the first few sections and interesting perspectives that I’ll try out with my business in the latter part of the book. I also liked how it’s short bite-sized suggestions, perfect for a commute (if anyone still does that) or to pick up at other parts of the day. Excellent stuff, I also bought a copy for my business partner.

This is such a readable book that I surprised myself by reading the whole thing in a few sessions. There are some great tips and interesting insights. I found the stuff on Scaling is particularly useful. Would recommend.

Very practical tips from a serial entrepreneur who has been through the journey and converted his experience to short, useful and relevant tips which one can utilize in their own entrepreneurial journey. The book can be used as a blueprint through which we can navigate the startup setup starting from the basic ideation, sales target setting, funding and much more. With 75 practical lessons this book is high on information and advice and the style of writing on a one to one basis makes it an easy book to digest in a 1-2 straight sitting. Highly recommended both as a guide and a practical book on entreprenuership.


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